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Online Removal quotes vs written Removal quotes – the true story

With the proliferation of comparison sites on the internet these days, it seems so much easier to sit at home and sort your removal quotation out on line. After all, you just pop the details in and out comes the price, right? Not quite…Third Party OperatorsMost removals comparison sites are operated by third parties who pass the details onto often unchecked and unverified companies to see who will do your move the cheapest.  Once they have passed on your details and ...Read more

Planning and moving this summer

As we look forward to the summer ahead it should be noted that this is also the main time of year that people look to move house and here at Britannia Lanes we are prepared for it. We thought that it would be helpful if we could share our knowledge with everyone to make the moving process as simple as possible.The following are a few tips that we have found over the years helps make sure that our clients get a good ...Read more

Are there Less Risky European Countries to Move to Before Brexit?

With such continuous uncertainty surrounding Brexit, it has left many wanting to move to Europe in limbo and fearful to make any firm decisions.The situation does remain unclear and there are no guarantees Brexit will happen before 31st October 2019.What are individuals to do if they intend to move to a European country? Take a risk and hope it will all turn out OK? As the potential implications of such a choice are so significant, for many this is likely to ...Read more

Herbert Davis Removals & Storage celebrates 100 years of trading

Herbert Davis Removals and Storage are proud to announce that they have hit an incredible milestone in their company’s history. Through all the High’s and Low’s, Herbert Davis have continued to faithfully serve the greater Gloucestershire area, helping to add smiles to new homeowners all across the community.Here is a brief look into the journey we have been on, hopefully it will provide an insight into our history and the reasons as to why we are so proud to have made ...Read more

Preparing to Live Like a Local in a New Country

Integrating into a new culture can be one of the more challenging aspects of living in a new country. Yet for many, a change of culture is precisely what motivated their move. A new life abroad can quite literally catapult you into a very different way of living, which often holds much appeal to those living in the throes of western society.Having moved to a new country, there will always be some people who prefer to create their own bubble of ...Read more

Must have Apps to Best Support Settling Expats

Moving overseas can present quite a minefield to overcome. Although the planning stage is intense, you can naturally expect some hurdles throughout the process, until you have settled into a new normality.One of the best preparations for your move abroad can be ensuring you are fully equipped to tackle the challenges that await you. These preparations can be both practical and mental aspects.Thanks to the world of technology, you can utilise the plethora of tools, designed specifically to aid expat transition ...Read more

Online reviews: the good, the bad and the ugly

When you’re planning to move house, how do you find a good removal company? Twenty or thirty years ago, you probablywould have looked in the Yellow Pages or relied on word of mouth. These days however, you are more likely to look at online reviews. It has to be said that most review sites are a fantastic resource for consumers, and have a lot going for them:They are free to use You can browse reviews anytime – day or night  ...Read more

Helping Teenagers Accept Moving Overseas

There are a fair few challenges to overcome when moving abroad and convincing others it’s a good idea can be quite an emotional process. This has never been truer when it comes to getting your teenagers to accept this change.Whilst younger children may initially object to the news, they usually don’t take long to come around to the idea. However, a teenager is essentially transitioning into a new phase of life – from childhood to adulthood. Hormones are completely imbalanced, and ...Read more

Britannia W Harris celebrates 50 years!

In 1968, Moovit Transport Services was founded by John and Christine Wicks with the strap line ‘PROVE IT WITH MOOVIT’!!The business grew from one van and a shed for an office and in 1970 they purchased the long established W Harris of Chelmsford Ltd. In 1986/87 they became members of Britannia Movers International plc.Land was purchased, two warehouses and an office were constructed and the business moved to its current location, Driberg Way, Braintree, Essex. The business has expanded to offer ...Read more

Where Will Your New Year’s Resolutions Take You in 2019?

The New Year provides many of us with a fresh start, a chance to hit the reset button and set ourselves a new challenge to achieve. For some that might be fulfilling a life-long dream of moving abroad, learning something new, improving your fitness or perhaps even starting a family.However, who said you must achieve your resolutions in the UK?! What if in 2019 your new year’s resolutions took you further afield to a new destination which would better your chances ...Read more