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Greenock Removals

Greenock is a quaint seaside town located on the banks of the river Clyde in the west central lowlands of Scotland. Complete with strong Victorian architecture making up the core foundations of the town, a deep sense of pride runs through Greenock about it’s past as one of the biggest shipbuilding and fishing capitals in the world.

The first harbour on the river Clyde was located in Greenock after construction was completed in 1710. This brought on rapid growth for the small town as the opening of shipbuilding company Scott’s the following year brought with it a business boom for the local economy.

Greenock was also the birthplace of James Watt, an inventor and mechanical engineer with prominent significance throughout the 18th and early 19th century. His contributions to engineering helped to pioneer the way into the industrial revolution. Despite his father being a shipwright, James followed a different path and instead invested much of his life into developing steam engine technology. As a result Greenock has named streets, colleges and put up a statue in his honour.

Greenock remained a prominent player in the shipping and fishing industries throughout the 19th century and the start of the 20th century. While the evidence of its previous prowess is clearly evident, very little remains now of what was once a booming fishing and shipping industry.

Moving to Greenock

House prices in Greenock are very affordable, compared to much of the UK where property prices are significantly higher. In October 2018 the average house price in Greenock stood at £143,788, with flats going for an average selling price of £125,239 and terraced houses for £131,163.

If you are planning on moving to, from or around Greenock please call Britannia Movers of Glasgow for help or advice on your move. We have over 35 years’ experience operating in the area and can assist you wherever possible. Our expertise and our local knowledge are essential assets to achieving a stress-free move.

Transport Links in Greenock

By air: The nearest major airport to Greenock is Glasgow International Airport, 17 miles away. Alternatively, Edinburgh Airport is approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes’ drive away.
By car: Greenock is located along the M8 motorway making it easy to get to via car and easy to travel between the other big Scottish cities like Glasgow and Edinburgh.
By Train: The train is a popular method of transport in Greenock, as it helps to keep Greenock connected directly to a lot of the surrounding areas on the coast. There are a number of train stations, the nearest and most popular are Greenock West Station, Greenock Central Station and Dumfrochar Station.
By Bus: There are also over 100 different bus services that go from Greenock. These cover a variety of different places, with many going a great distance to serve their customers. Some of these services offer prices as cheap as £4.20 for a trip to Glasgow city centre.
By sea: For a town with such a prestigious sea faring history there is no surprise that getting to and from Greenock via the sea is very much a viable option. Gourock, Greenock’s neighbour of 2 miles, has a regular ferry service that goes to a number of places, including Hunters Quay and Dunoon.

Green Spaces

Lyle Hill is a short climb that offers some incredibly rewarding views of the entire Greenock town and harbour. Overlooking the area with the sun reflecting of the shimmering water, it’s well worth the effort climbing to the top of the hill. From here you can witness first hand some of the incredible hilly landscape that is covered from top to bottom in natural greenery.

RSPB Lochwinnoch Nature Reserve is a short journey outside of the immediate area of Greenock but, offers something very special. The sound of quiet rolling hills, boggy marshes and towering trees might not sound particularly appealing to everyone, but there is undoubtedly a real tranquil beauty to be found here. The Nature Reserve is well looked after, and as a result visitors have the opportunity to see a spectacular array of birds and animals that can be see in very few other places. A spectacular day out that provides a lot of different activities, perfect for family trips out and nature lovers.

Things to do in Greenock

There are a huge number of different things to do in Greenock. While the surrounding serene countryside does offer a number of brisk country walks, there is still plenty to do in the town.

Located at Wallace Place, PA15 1JB is the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service Museum and Heritage Centre. A fantastic family day out that really delves into the history of the fire service, which is well worth a visit. Unlike a traditional museum that might consist of a lot of artefacts to look at, the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service Museum and Heritage Centre offer a huge variety of different hands-on activities that cater for all ages. If you like engineering or mechanics you can have the opportunity to get to grips with the different engines, young children can also dress up in the old hats and uniforms.

Entry to the museum is completely free, which present a unique opportunity to visitors, providing a service that fully immerses them in the past of Greenock’s fire service. It is also staffed by Ex-firefighters who all have thrilling stories to tell, perfect for all ages.

In the summer and warmer months, Greenock is fortunate to be located close enough for a quick dip to one of the country’s largest outdoor pools. Located in Gourock, the swimming pool attracts a whole host of visitors and presents a great view of the ocean while you swim. Many brave visitors are even known to attend for a quick dip in other, colder, seasons in the year but, with diving boards and night swims available it definitely brings a fresh sense of excitement into swimming.

Schools in Greenock

Greenock currently falls under the council and administrative area of Inverclyde that offers a total of 20 Primary Schools and 6 Secondary Schools to its residents.

Primary Schools in Greenock: 9 of these Primary Schools are within the immediate surrounding area of Greenock offering less than a 15-minute car journey from most areas in the town. These include; Aileymill Primary School (PA16 0JG), All Saint’s Primary School (PA15 3JS), Ardgowan Primary School (PA16 8SN), Cedars School of Excellence (PA16 8NJ), Gourock Primary School (PA19 1QD), Inverkip Primary School (PA16 0AY), King’s Oak Primary School (PA15 2DX), Lady Alice Primary School (PA16 9EH) and Moorfoot Primary School (PA19 1ES).
Secondary Schools in Greenock: There are currently 5 Secondary Schools available that are within a close distance of Greenock. These include Cedars School of Excellence (PA16 8NJ), Clydeview Academy (PA19 1UX), Inverclyde Academy (PA16 0FB), Notre Dame High School (PA16 9BJ), St Columba’s High School (PA16 0QG) and St Stephens’s High School (PA14 6PR).

According to School Guide, the best performing of these schools is currently Clydeview Academy whose number of school leavers with 5 or more National 5s is 21% higher than the countries average.

Colleges in Greenock: Greenock only has one college in its immediate vicinity but, this college does have two campuses. West College Scotland (PA16 8HF), is a further education establishment that serves the residents of Greenock and Inverclyde. It also attracts a number of international students and is a popular place of learning that offers over 3,000 different courses.

Removal Services in Greenock

Greenock is a beautiful place with a strong history and some incredible culture. There is something very unique about the area and the community here will remind visitors of a simpler time before the rise of social media.

If you are looking to move to, around or from Greenock then give Britannia Movers of Glasgow a call, we know the area well and our experience makes us the ideal removals company to get your move going quickly and efficiently.

Britannia Movers of Glasgow removals company is a family run organisation that cares about its customers. We have built up a reputation over the years as a friendly and polite company that is always willing to go the extra mile to get the job done right.

Our number one priority is making sure your move is carried out correctly and in a manner that leaves you stress-free and relaxed. Get in contact with us today and one of our team members can talk you through the details and answer any questions that you might have.

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