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The Team

Mark Wallbank – Director

Mark worked at Pickfords for 19 years, he started in branch management and ended up on the European Board, as director of international moves. He moved on to do some consulting work for Britannia Movers International. He has a degree in European Studies from Bradford University after which he obtained an HGV driving licence. He is also a private pilot and a keen sailor, and his passions include good dining and wine. He spends a lot of his time on the road and he specialises in sales.

Jenni Wyatt – Office Manager

Jenni is the front-line first point of contact at Britannia Movers of Bucks & Herts, handling enquiries. She is very customer-focused and her background is in sales. She produces quotations, generates invoices and keeps the accounts. She also specialises in records management and marine insurance. She joined the company in 2005. She is married to husband Dan, also a member of the Bucks & Herts team. She is local, having been born and bred in Bicester.

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