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International Removals in Portsmouth

Britannia Purvers offers international removals to almost any location in the world. Our convenient location in Portsmouth means we have great access to the docks and your items won’t have to travel far before they’re on the sea en route to your destination.


Moving abroad with Britannia Purvers

If you are thinking of moving abroad, the team at Britannia Purvers can help. All of our staff are highly trained and have been helping people to move everywhere from Australia, to Canada to the UAE. We’ll manage every stage of the removal from the pre-move survey, to the unpacking of your items in your foreign destination, depending on how much involvement you want us to have. Our international removal services are second to none and have been carefully designed to ensure you have to do as little as possible. We’ll conduct a pre-move survey with you, where we’ll assess your needs and requirements, so that we can establish what items you need to take with you, what needs to go in storage and whether or not you need packing materials and the assistance of the packing team.

International removals in Portsmouth

We offer a full range of services as part of our international removals process including vehicle shipping, pet transport, money transfer and international storage. If you need to keep some items aside while you get settled in, we’ll work with our partners in your destination country to have your items sent over to you at a later date. If your move is big enough for a sole use container, we’ll pack it outside your home, then seal and transport the container to the docks. However, if you are transporting fewer items, we’ll combine them with another consignment going to the same destination, potentially saving you money and hassle along the way. We will also take care of any international services you may need assistance with, such as your visas, customs documentation or any insurance that you may require.

For more information on any of the international removal services we offer, please give us a call on 02392 397156 or email You can also use the Quick Quote form to get an idea of costs for your move abroad from Portsmouth.

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