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What is a Mobile Self Unit?

Often abbreviated to MSU, a Mobile Storage Unit is a portable 35 square foot storage container. MSUs are solid sided to protect your belongings, and are delivered inside a trailer that holds the unit securely. Once your belongings have been loaded into the MSU it can then be taken away and stored at our secure facility until you request it again.


How Big Are Mobile Storage Units?

Our Mobile Storage Units stand 7ft tall, 7ft long, and 5ft wide. They can hold up to 245 cubic feet, which is the equivalent of a 35 square foot storage room. For the average user, an MSU will hold approximately 1 to 1.5 room’s worth of property. If you are in any doubt then feel free to contact our team, who will be able to advise on how many MSU’s you will need for your possessions.

Loading Your Mobile Storage Unit

One of the main benefits of MSUs is the ability to load them at your own property, with all the ease and practicality that affords. As standard, we offer a two-hour window between delivery and collection, which is normally more than ample time for loading.

If this is likely to be too little time, let our office know beforehand and we can tailor collection to best suit you. Furthermore, if you have filled your MSU and still have items you need to store, we can drop off an additional MSU at the same time as when we collect your filled unit.

What are the Benefits of an MSU?

Britannia Reeves take the stress out of hiring a van, lugging heavy belongings to a storage facility, and rallying family and friends to help you. Don’t forget, you have to repeat this procedure when you want your items back! With us, your MSU is delivered wherever you want it, and you are left to load your effects in at your own pace. We then simply collect the filled container and store it safely until you require it again. MSU’s with Britannia Reeves are also an affordable option whilst offering a comprehensive service.

How Secure Will My Possessions Be?

Loading your MSU is a similar process to loading a van; large and heavy items on the bottom, smaller and lighter objects towards the top. When packing your MSU, pack your items snuggly as this will mean nothing can fall or slide anywhere.

It is best to use boxes and packing materials to ensure your items are safe and secure. With every MSU, we supply 15 furniture blankets to help protect your effects. Additionally, you can also utilise boxes, bubble wrap, and old bed linen from around your home to further guard and package your belongings.

How Often Can I Access my MSU?

If your account is up to date you can get access to your MSU anytime you like within working hours. All we require is 24 hours’ notice, and we will have your MSU(s) ready and waiting in our customer viewing area for you to access.

What Happens If I Move House?

If your new home is within our operating area, we can deliver your MSU there. If your new property falls outside of our catchment area, we will aim to find a suitable delivery solution for you. Alternatively, you are more than welcome to bring your own vehicle to collect your belongings from your MSU.

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