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How does it work?

How to Load a Mobile Storage Unit

Correctly loading your MSU ensures your possessions remain in perfect condition during transportation and storage. The following tips should make packing your MSU a breeze…

  • Place heavy and large items at the bottom of your MSU, with smaller and lighter items on top
  • Heavy items should also be placed centrally and near the door as this helps with safe handling of the MSU at the depot
  • Weight should be distributed evenly throughout your MSU, without an imbalance on one side
  • When loading your MSU, make sure the door is secured open so that it does not close unexpectedly
  • Pack your items tightly and avoid leaving spaces as much as possible
  • Use the complimentary blankets to protect furniture
  • When packing boxes, use bubble wrap, paper, or tissue to secure and protect items
  • Empty spaces in boxes should be filled with packing materials and lids should be sealed shut
  • Lightweight items can be packed into larger boxes, and vice versa for heavier items
  • Utilise the space in furniture, such as drawers and wardrobes
  • Secure the MSU when you are not in attendance with a strong commercial padlock (these are available from Britannia Reeves if you require)
  • Create an inventory list so you can keep track of what is in your MSU
  • Always wear protective clothing and footwear
  • Refresh your memory with best practice for manual handling and safe lifting
  • Keep children and animals away from the MSU

What Can’t Be Stored in a Mobile Storage Unit?

MSU’s are a fantastic option for storing your belongings. However, there are some items that should not be stored for personal or legal reasons.

  • Prohibited or stolen goods (drugs, pornographic material, explosive items, gas bottles, aerosols, paints, firearms, ammunition)
  • Personal, valuable, or sentimental items (jewellery, watches, trinkets, precious stones, metals, money, deeds, securities, stamps, coins)
  • Items that could encourage vermin or pests (food, plants, perishable items)
  • Any animals, birds, or fish
  • Goods which require a special licence or government permission

Why Use Britannia Reeves?

We understand that you need a hassle-free and friendly experience when storing your belongings. From our friendly, professional staff, to our secure facilities, and flexible rental options – our aim is to give you the best storage experience. Whatever your requirements, just ask, we are always happy to help and give advice.

Some of our key benefits include:

  • Bright and clean units and spot-less warehouses
  • You can choose the space that best fits your requirements
  • You can move in any day of the month
  • You can up-size or down-size your storage space at any time, to suit your needs
  • No fixed time period – stay for as long or short a time as needed
  • Store almost anything
  • Your privacy is respected

Check out our previous sections for tips and hints on packing your MSU, as well as a list of prohibited items.

There are no hidden charges and everything is transparent throughout your experience with us. We don’t charge a security deposit, nor do we charge you extra fees each time you want to access your unit. With us, you get a no-nonsense approach to storage solutions.

Furthermore, we will never insist that you purchase insurance from us, you are free to use your own provider. However, we can help with this needs be.

Anything we can do to help, whether it be labour, padlocks, or packaging materials, please just ask and one of our friendly team will be able to help.

Why Use a Mobile Storage Unit?

Whether you are in-between properties, having a clear out, or simply need an overflow space for your belongings, self-storage is an excellent option. Many of our customers covet the fact that their storage unit is an extension of their garage or business supply room.

At Britannia Reeves, we want to help you out as best as we can, but we are sure you understand that there are certain restrictions on the items you can store. Whether you are harnessing self-storage for residential or commercial purposes, limitations are put in place to protect your belongings, other customer’s items, Britannia Reeves staff, and visiting customers.

When you opt for storage with us, you will be requested to sign a form indicating that you understand and agree to adhere to the rules and restrictions for what items are permitted. Any items or material that are considered ‘inherently dangerous’ cannot be allowed for safety reasons.

When preparing to move into your storage unit, write an initial list of the items you would like to place into storage. If you are unsure, you can always pass this list by a member of staff who will be able to give you any advice. Alternatively, give us a quick call. A full inventory will be required when you move into your storage space or have an MSU collected.

Often, we get asked about what items are acceptable to store. Here is a list of items and materials which we are commonly asked about:


To stop the attraction of pests and vermin, fresh produce, meat, and fish are not allowed to be stored. Nor are cereals or any perishable items. Canned foods can be stored.

Combustible or Toxic Equipment

Materials and items of this nature are considered ‘inherently dangerous’. For this reason, you cannot store gasoline, compressed gas, propane tanks, kerosene, lamp and motor oil, acid, grease, corrosives, fertilizer, paint, cleaners, and chemicals. Toxic or biological waste is also not allowed, nor is asbestos or products containing asbestos.

You also cannot store narcotics, fireworks, explosives, weapons, or ammunition.


Storing vehicles that are registered, insured, and in an operational condition is permitted. However, storing more than four tyres is not allowed due to the cost of disposing of them.

Construction Equipment

Similarly, builders and constructions workers benefit from being able to visit their storage unit on the way to their site to pick up equipment and materials. It is best to get in touch regarding construction equipment limitations. For example, tools used to locate underground water are prohibited.

Medical Equipment

If you are in the medical or pharmaceutical industry, a self-storage unit can be a fantastic place to store supplies and samples. This means your office or home is not cluttered with work related paraphernalia, and you can keep them organised. Radioactive equipment, or anything that contains radioactive materials, cannot be stored for legal reasons.

Miscellaneous Items

Customers are not allowed to plug in or use fridges, freezers, generators, or space heaters in their storage units for safety reasons. Plants and animals, alive or dead, can also not be stored, along with stolen items.


If you have any queries in regards to the items you wish to store, please get in contact. We will be able to provide you with all the relevant information you need so that you can only pack permitted items before your arrival at the warehouse.

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