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Why Expats Move Abroad – Which one are you?

With over 4.5 million Brits living abroad, there is clearly some appeal for prospective expats to up sticks and begin a new life abroad. But, for so many, what is the primary motivation to move abroad? Is it a unique set of circumstances or are there undelaying themes for what really drives the ultimate decision to take action and relocate overseas?Well, we need wonder no more! Thanks to InterNation’s recent survey, in which over 18,000 expats across 187 counties were surveyed, ...Read more

What you Need to Know About UK Expat Buy to Let Mortgage Opportunities

The United Nations statistics estimate over 4.5 million British Citizens now live overseas and since the 2016 EU referendum, over 100,00 Brits have emigrated. So, it appears many more will continue to follow and as a result, the Expat buy to let market is currently booming.One of the many considerations’ expats experience when planning their move abroad, is whether to purchase a buy to let property or let their UK home while overseas. Maintaining a foothold in the UK can provide ...Read more

Where in the World Should you Live?

When you experience a yearning to move overseas, one of the first questions likely to crop up is what country should I live in?! Often, UK citizens automatically consider Europe as their first choice, simply due to the ease of remaining close enough to family members. However, with the recent turmoil and confusion surrounding Brexit, it’s becoming a choice filled with uncertainty and understandably, wannabe expats are feeling forced to reconsider where to live in the world, outside of Europe.Let’s be ...Read more

The Latest Impacts of Brexit on Expats

With each new headline and constantly changing Brexit situation, expats are understandably feeling somewhat confused and uncertain about their futures.Tensions remain high as the negotiations between the UK and EU reach breaking point. There appear to be far more questions than answers at this time and this is causing much confusions for everyone.Is there now the potential for there to be no deal at all? What might the implications be is this were happen?There continues to be so many unknowns. The Promise ...Read more

The Britannia guide to buying a home

Although buying a home can be an exciting adventure, it is also one of the most stressful and daunting decisions you will ever make – especially when it’s your first time. The decisions you make along the way when buying a property could save you – or cost you many thousands of pounds, so to help you through this tumultuous journey, here is Britannia’s guide to buying a home. Is buying a home right for you?According to a survey by the ...Read more