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Moving To Melbourne From The UK

Melbourne is one of the most popular cities in Australia to move to, so it’s easy to understand why so many Brits are heading there to start a new life.

With stunning beaches and the warm enclosure of the Port Phillip, Melbourne offers a contemporary, busy atmosphere. Last year, it was voted the most livable city in the world and the people consistently moving there are a testament to that award. If you’re planning to be in that number, why not enlist Britannia Movers International to manage your removal?

Moving to Melbourne with Britannia Movers International

Moving to Melbourne is a big – and time-consuming – step, so you’ll want to get some help from the professionals to ensure you get everything done properly. Britannia Movers International specialises in moves to Melbourne and can take care of the whole move from start to finish. We’ll initially visit your home to establish all the details of your move to Australia. A comprehensive questionnaire will be filled in by our team who will ask various questions about when you want to move, whether you need anything putting into storage, if you’d like help packing everything and what your budget is. From this, we’ll create a moving plan with you, so that you know what will be happening at any given point of the move to Melbourne.

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If you’d like, we’ll provide a packing team, who will carefully wrap all of your belongings in high quality packing materials and they’ll then load them onto the shipping containers for you. We can also just provide the packing materials if you’d rather do your own packing. Before your items are admitted to Melbourne, a detailed inventory will need to be handed over, so Britannia will create one as we go. We’ll also barcode everything, so that it can be monitored throughout the journey and easily sorted upon arrival. Your belongings will be at sea for up to eight weeks in a sole use container and can be gone for over three months if you have a shared consignment, so we recommend planning your journey in advance to ensure all the timings match up. Britannia also recommends you take insurance for your belongings, just in case anything happens to the containers on what is a very long and potentially rocky journey to Australia.

International removals to Melbourne

If you need any items urgently, we’ll arrange for air freight which cuts down the delivery time quite considerably. This alternative can be more costly than shipping but Britannia will work with you to establish which method is most effective for specific items. When your items arrive in Melbourne, they may be stuck in customs for another couple of weeks, so we will ensure you have all the necessary paperwork to avoid any delays. Anything that you have owned for less than 12 months will be subject to duty fees, so it’s important that you’re aware of this potential cost as well.

We can arrange storage for any items in Melbourne that we’ll be able to send onto you once you’ve settled into your new home, so please let us know if you require this service. We can also introduce you to a company that will arrange pet transport for you. Your pets can find the journey quite traumatic, so we use a company that will guide you through the process and ensure your animals arrive in Melbourne safely. If you’d like to take your vehicles with you, please bear in mind that they may need modifying before they can be used in Melbourne, but we can arrange for vehicle shipping if necessary.

Complete removal service to Melbourne with Britannia

When you move to Melbourne, you’ll likely want to set up a bank account and arrange for currency transfer. Both of these services can be sorted out with Britannia’s assistance. We’ll put you in touch with trusted companies that can help you with the setting up of all of your banking and currency, so that you don’t have to worry about money on top of everything else. You will have so many things to think about, so Britannia goes the extra mile to ensure things are as easy as possible and you can move to Melbourne without having to worry about everything else.

We will provide you with all the paperwork and forms that you need to fill in and also put you in touch with the right people to help with the areas of your move to Melbourne that we can’t do ourselves. Our international removals service takes everything into account so that your move to Melbourne goes exactly according to plan and nothing gets lost or forgotten along the way. What can be quite a stressful time is made much simpler with our detailed moving plan and we’ll constantly check in with you to keep you up to date with the move.

If you’re moving to Melbourne and need a reliable and efficient removal service, don’t hesitate to speak to Britannia Movers International. Enlist our services and you can be sure of being in capable hands from the initial conversation, through to the unpacking of your boxes at your new home in Australia. Call us now on 0845 600 6661 and we’ll talk you through the different services we have on offer and explain how we can help you move to Melbourne.