5 Essential Steps to Take When Planning to Move and Downsize

Have your family circumstances changed? Children flown the nest? Simply want to sell up and move to a more affordable property? Downsizing can be a difficult decision, particularly for those who have lived in their homes for years and years. Our properties are full of memories, and they can be hard to move on from. However, downsizing can be a fresh start and benefits can include: Moving nearer to family and friends Moving into a more affordable property Moving to a ... Read more

Are Brits Selling Up and Leaving Major UK Cities Post Lockdown?

As the UK emerges from a year of lockdowns and establishes a ‘new normal’, the social and economic repercussions are evident. The property industry was one of the sectors heavily impacted by the pandemic and it is only just beginning to recover. Many businesses, including Britannia Movers, have had to transform operations to follow covid regulations to keep staff and customers safe. Whilst businesses have adapted, it is now homeowners that are changing property market trends. It is no secret that time ... Read more

Has COVID-19 Impacted home moving timescales?

Normally a house purchase from offer to actual move, can expect to take around 8-12 weeks, depending on the length of the chain and if any problems are encountered along the way. If the chain is quite short this could even be achieved more quickly, however the impact of COVID-19 has seen an increase in this timescale and can take many more weeks, due mainly to the backlogs and lack of resources. The steps normally involved in selling and buying a property ... Read more

Celebrating 40 Years of Britannia Movers

This month, Britannia Movers International celebrates 40 years of operation. Formed in 1981, Britannia started off as a cooperative group of just 14 companies. Today, Britannia is an internationally recognised brand with more UK depots than any competitor. Celebrating this milestone birthday is an exciting time for the entire Britannia family and particularly poignant for those who have worked with the company since the early days. How did Britannia Movers International begin? Britannia was born as a response to the increase in shipping ... Read more

Has COVID changed where we want to move to?

COVID has changed the type of property people are buying or moving to. With the desire for more outside space and a home office space, more broken plan as opposed to open plan. But, is the same change in property aspiration also happening in regard to location? We all know that when buying a house it is location that is usually at the top of everyone’s priority list, hence the term ‘Location Location Location’. But is this location importance now more rural ... Read more