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Britannia Sandersteads move home

When Britannia Sandersteads moved to their current depot 16 years ago they always knew the Landlord planned to develop the site, but due to the size of the development and the road infrastructure the planning needed to go before the European Commission!  Five Landlords later and its now only just been agreed that the whole site will be 90% affordable housing with a huge push to make Hackbridge the greenest community in the UK.

Based on the above the team at Sandersteads decided to look for new premises and felt the economic climate would assist with more warehouse’s available and cheaper rents. Croydon and surrounding areas never matched up with an ideal depot for warehouse, office, yard space and  good access for large trucks so they looked a little further out and found the ideal location just 800 meters from Junction 6 of the M25. The site offered great motorway links but is only 15 minutes away from Croydon and is now located outside the London Low Emissions Zone (LEZ). The new depot is located in an old Chalk Quarry in the middle of the woods at the end of a secluded residential road and was originally an old Saw Mill. It comprises 3 large adjoining warehouses, a small extension and another stand alone warehouse and a self contained stand alone all glass circular office building that could resemble something from Thunderbirds!

Sandersteads have increased in size from current 24,000 ft2 to the new depot that is 37,000ft2. This will be another big step forward as a company and a real challenge to fill the extra space but both management and manual staff are all very excited about the new depot and the challenges it brings.