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Britannia staff member witnesses Christchurch Earthquake

Britannia Leatherbarrows Operations and Training Manager has survived unscathed after witnessing the earthquake that hit Christchurch, New Zealand first hand.

Terry Rose and his Partner Michelle are on an extended holiday to visit his daughter and family who live just outside Christchurch.

Britannia Leatherbarrows received an email from him shortly after the disaster struck, to assure everyone that he and the family were all OK.  Apparently he and Michelle had been en route to fill up with petrol when the road started heaving and moving – a truly frightening experience.

Before joining Britannia Leatherbarrows, Terry had a career in the Royal Marines serving as a Training NCO, dealing with survival in extreme environments such as the conditions experienced in the Arctic.

During his service career Terry faced many difficult situations including an active tour of duty in the Falkland Islands. He has a wealth of experience but nothing quite prepared him for this. Even so he is using his skills and doing his best to help other people affected by the earthquake.

Pictures and more news to follow as and when received.