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Business as usual at Britannia’s Croydon Head Office

After the devastation caused by rioters in Croydon last night, we are happy to advise that Britannia’s head office based in Croydon is fully operational and unaffected by the fires and damages caused.

Some staff members who live close to where the fires and rioting took place had to take precautions to ensure they were safe indoors last night. A few were even close enough to see the smoke coming from the shops that were set alight. One staff member had to be evacuated from their flat last night as the flats next to theirs were engulfed in flames and it was uncertain whether the fire would turn in their direction. Thankfully all staff members have remained unharmed and nobody has suffered any damage to their property.  

Britannia has experience with providing disaster recovery services after flooding, fires and other natural disasters that affect people’s homes and businesses in the UK. We are therefore currently looking at ways that we can assist with the ‘riot cleanup’ operation in the Croydon area. So far Police advice is to stay out of these areas as they are effectively crime scenes and need to be assessed as part of the ongoing criminal investigations before any clearing up begins.

In spite of the problems a full complement of staff turned up today (Tuesday 9th August) for work and therefore services to all Britannia’s customers have not been compromised in any way despite recent events.