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Herbert Davis Removals & Storage celebrates 100 years of trading

Herbert Davis Removals and Storage are proud to announce that they have hit an incredible milestone in their company’s history. Through all the High’s and Low’s, Herbert Davis have continued to faithfully serve the greater Gloucestershire area, helping to add smiles to new homeowners all across the community.

Here is a brief look into the journey we have been on, hopefully it will provide an insight into our history and the reasons as to why we are so proud to have made it this far.

When Herbert Percy Davis was discharged from the Royal Engineers in 1919 with a war gratitude of £75.00 he decided to use the money to start his own business. At first he started trading as a coal merchant in Gloucester with the occasional house removal.

A home move from Gloucester to Bath in those days with no motorways would take about a week to complete. Herbert married and had two sons, Herbert and Granville, and when the two boys grew up they helped and worked alongside their dad. They mainly concentrated and worked on the house removals side of the business.

When their dad died in the early 1950’s they continued to run the family business. In the mid 1950’s, Herbert & Granville decided to open an office in Station Road Gloucester which was close to the railway sidings with easy public access for coal sales and removal enquiries.

In the early 1960’s the boys purchased Glevum Works in Upton Street, Gloucester where the removal and storage company still operates.
The coal side of the business was eventually sold off in 1963 allowing the sons to spend more time developing the removal and storage business purchasing several pantechnicons (see photos) and employing many staff along the way.

Granville unfortunately died in 1990 of cancer with Herbert (Bert) dying 5 years later with the company being operated by a family member. The Removals & Storage business was eventually bought in June 1998 by Kathy Lugg & Andrew Ford who own and still operate from Glevum Works. Kathy and Andy both worked for the Davis family in the 1990’s and when the company came up for sale they got their heads together and continued to run the business.

In August 2017, Herbert Davis Removals and Storage decided to join Britannia Movers International covering the ‘GL’ postcodes for them.
Kathy said “it’s amazing to see a local company still operating 100 years on and still offering high removal and storage standards in the industry”.

The company are members of the BAR (British Association of Removers), RHA (Road Haulage Association) and have achieved a quality standard BSEN12522