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Japan Tsunami and its affect on Britannia Customers

Due to the devastation caused by last Fridays (11th March) earthquake and the resulting tsunami, our overseas partner in Japan have been forced to close their offices for at least the next few days due to concerns over safety in regards to the nuclear reactors outside Tokyo and plans for rolling power blackouts within the country.

Their senior management do have remote access to email’s, however they will not have immediate access to any files or customer information.

Thankfully none of the staff in Japan have been injured by the effects of the earthquake or tsunami, but the impact on the country has been staggering with countless people dying and many more being left homeless and injured.

Due to the present uncertainty we do not know how long our Partners operations in Japan will be impacted upon and in the meantime they are planning to make day by day decisions on whether it’s safe to open the office.

For the time being there are limited reports on situations affecting transit times of ships and planes. Given the international relief efforts that are currently underway, it is highly likely this will impact shipping schedules.

Britannia’s Imports and Exports divisions are in contact with our overseas Partners in Japan to keep as up to date as possible on our customers shipping consignments, however communications are limited at the moment so only emergencies and essential matters are being dealt with until operations are back up and running.

We thank all our customers for their patience while our affiliates are working hard to get things operational again, and we shall keep our customers up to date as soon as more news comes in. 

Our thoughts and wishes are with the staff at our Partners offices and we praise them for their dedication in providing us with as much of a service as they can for removals to and from Japan, during this disturbing and stressful time.