Pride In Bournemouth sponsored by Britannia Leatherbarrows - Britannia Movers International
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Pride In Bournemouth sponsored by Britannia Leatherbarrows

Britannia Leatherbarrows have commissioned a painted lion statue as part of the ‘Pride in Bournemouth’ public art event, organised by the ‘Wild in Art’ organisation.

‘Wild In Art’ is a charity organisation that aims to engage local artists in cities around the world to promote the chosen cities talented artists and to bring local businesses and its community together. These art projects organised by ‘Wild In Art’ raise money for the Born Free Foundation and for the ‘Pride in Bournemouth’ event, will also raise money for Julia’s House, Dorset children’s hospice.

David Trenchard – MD of Britannia Leatherbarrows has a strong commitment to helping his local community in Bournemouth and can always be seen helping with local charities and events, so he couldn’t wait to get involved with this worthy cause and so chose to commission painted lion named ‘Britannia’ by Poole Lighthouse’s artist in residence – Hazel Evans.

Britannia along with about 50 other painted lions are being placed in pre-arranged public locations around Bournemouth for local residence and visitors to follow around the town, maps showing the locations of the lions will be available in the town so that people can take themselves on a tour around the town to see all the lions and indeed discover other amazing sights in Bournemouth.

At the end of summer these lions will be auctioned off to raise as much money as possible for the Born Free Foundation and Julia’s House children’s Hospice.

If you do visit Bournemouth this summer, please keep a look out for Britannia.