Britannia Movers International

Removal Men from Britannia Lanes of Cornwall save two lives

Chris Jess, a driver for Britannia Lanes of Cornwall, along with two brave collegues, brothers Mark Peters and Michael Peters have been presented with the Royal Humane Society Award (Chris) and Waley Cohen Certificates (Mark & Peter) in recognition of their courageous actions after saving the lives of a young couple who had a car accident on the M5 near Taunton. Chris risked his own life to pull a teenage girl out of the overturned, burning vehicle moments before it exploded in a ball of flames. The young man driving the car was thrown out when they hit the safety barrier and had a lucky escape with minor cuts and bruises. As Chris rescued the girlfriend, Mark went to the middle of the road wearing a luminus jacket to stop the fast-moving traffic and Michael phoned the emergency services. The couple are now expecting a baby and Chris has been invited to their wedding.