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Sandersteads celebrates Britannia Award win

Britannia Sandersteads scooped two prestigious awards at the recent Britannia Conference in Newcastle. The South London office of the Britannia Group not only won the Top Shipper award, but also won the Quality award for Service Excellence on UK Corporate work.

When asked how he felt having won the two awards, Stuart Almandras had the following to say:

“ As a competitive person and a pro-active company winning and awards mean a lot , It was no big surprise to be awarded with the cup for top shipper as we had worked hard to achieve this  and the shipping figures had already been published, It has taken us 16 years of effort to win it so no quick fix ! I must however say that I was caught cold with the Quality award, Yes I felt we were in the mix to win it but I know there is always stiff competition from other members, 4 wins in 7 years  for Sandersteads makes me feel good and drives me on to try again for next year but I also know others will be doing the same, Personally I think the Quality award is the top accolade any company can win and I thank my team for all the efforts they made for the year to deliver this to Sandersteads! – makes me feel very proud”.

Congratulations to Sandersteads from all at Britannia.