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Britannia Goodwins support Stafford GP cycling event

Britannia Goodwins of Stafford were recently involved in a prestigious local cycling event. The Stafford Grand Prix was held on Wednesday 29th June and is one of 6 Elite Circuit races to be held in the UK. Last year’s winner was none other than Olympic Gold Medalist Ed Clancy who returned to defend his title this year.

In spite of many top UK cyclists being involved in the Tour de France, the field at the Stafford GP still contained many of the UK’s elite cyclists attempting to boost their chances of reaching the team for London 2012. Apart from the elite race, there were also additional categories including a youth race showcasing stars of the future.

The race began in Market Square in the town centre and was well attended by locals and members of the cycling fraternity. The event was covered by Sky Sports as part of their overall coverage of the British Cycling Elite Circuit Series.

Britannia Goodwins were delighted to be involved and as the pictures show, supported the event with some advertising and promotional materials.