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Top tips for moving house in the Winter

As the nights draw in and winter approaches, moving house can be problematic for removal vans due to harsh conditions, snow and ice. At Britannia Leatherbarrows we use the knowledge and expertise gained from over 30 years removals experience to make moving during winter just as easy. The removals market is also fairly quiet at this time which may mean that your move works out slightly cheaper. It is important to be prepared for every kind of weather, planning is key! Here are some handy tips to help your move run smoothly:

Be prepared and plan in advance – Make sure you take time prior to the move to check the weather forecast for any harsh conditions that could make life difficult. If you’re expecting snow then make sure the driveway, any steps or pathways are salted to avoid anyone slipping over when carrying heavy boxes.


Use durable material to move your possessions – If its raining or snowing on the big day, you will need to make sure that you use durable material when moving your possessions. Anything else will run the risk of getting damp or wet and ultimately breaking. Moving house is hard enough without badly packed items in flimsy boxes, so make sure that you invest in some heavy duty moving boxes to avoid damage. It is also important that your furniture is well covered before being taken to the removals van. At Britannia Leatherbarrows we bring plenty of carpet protection and furniture covers to ensure that your furniture remains clean and dry.


Make sure you keep warm – If it is a bitterly cold winter’s day, make sure you wrap up warm and wear lots of layers, you can always remove some if you warm up whilst moving boxes around. Try not to pack your entire wardrobe, if you find yourself caught in a downpour, a dry change of clothes will prove very welcome! Finally, try and keep the kettle out for as long as possible, lots of tea, coffee and warm drinks will get you and the removal team through the day.


Keep torches/batteries to hand – Moving house in the winter typically means moving in the dark. This can make moving twice as hard and you could miss important Items. Make sure that you bring a good supply of batteries and torches with you.


Try and settle in quickly – Once you’ve arrived in your new home and all of your belongings are inside, try and focus on unpacking the essentials and any items that will make you feel most at home. These are likely to be things like curtains, throws and pillows. This will not only keep you warm and cosy but will help you to feel right at home after a long day’s work.