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Mobile Self Storage

Are you looking for a cost-effective and time efficient storage option? Britannia’s mobile self storage allows you to pack, load and unload your items at your home or place of work.

What Is Mobile Self Storage?

With standard self storage you have to hire a van, load and unload it, and drive it to the storage depot with your goods. This can be a tiring and time-consuming experience. Mobile self storage can be much more convenient. Britannia delivers a secure storage container to your door, and leaves it with you to load in your own time. Once you have filled the storage container, we return, give you the key and take the container to our secure storage depot.

Why Mobile Self Storage?

  • You can save time and money  – You save the cost of hiring a van, there’s no need to unpack and repack everything at the storage unit, and there’s no long walk within the self storage complex. You simply pack and load your items at your home or work, and Britannia’s  vans will take it to the warehouse.
  • Easy access to your belongings – If you call us, you can get temporary access to your storage container. We’ll move your container out of the storage space where you can open it. Once you’re done, we’ll return the container back to secure storage.
  • When you need your goods again – You save time and money again, by not having to hire a van, and unpack and repack everything at the warehouse. Britannia’s vans will deliver the storage unit to your doorstep, where you can unpack your items yourself.

Mobile Storage Container Sizes

A mobile storage container is smaller than a traditional shipping container. It is common for customers to request a replacement mobile storage container to be dropped off when we return to collect a storage container that’s been filled. You only start paying for a storage container once it’s been delivered to you.

A storage container measures 7’6″ x 7′ x 5’2″, or 250 cubic feet. As a rough guide, our mobile storage containers are big enough to store around 40 large removal boxes or the full contents of a living room (a 3 piece suit, upright piano, large book case, TV, Hi-Fi and Hi-Fi cabinet, standard lamp, coffee table, rug and 5 large removal boxes).

Secure Storage

All our storage depots have high-security safety systems, with CCTV, smoke and fire detection. After loading your items into our storage containers in the convenience of your home, our Britannia vans take them to the warehouse and you can rest assured that they are safe at all times.

For a free storage quote, and for more information about our storage services, call Britannia on  0845 600 6661.

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