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Stirling Removals

Britannia Edinburgh is a family-run dedicated removals company, providing a wide range of removal services in Stirling, tailored to your needs. Get in touch for a quote today!

We can help you with every step of your move in Stirling, from the initial packing, removals, storage and through to unpacking your belongings at your new home, if required.

Removal Services in Stirling

Britannia Edinburgh specialises in moving customers to or from Stirling and throughout the Stirlingshire area whether you are moving locally, or further afield in UK or abroad.

For removals in Stirling, contact us or get a quote for an idea of cost.

Stirling Storage Services

Our modern warehouse facility offers a range of storage options, from self-storage pods to commercial archiving. We can also provide interim storage for the contents of your home locally or at an affiliated Britannia Movers storage facility close to your destination as part of your relocation package.

For storage in Stirling, contact us or get a quote for an idea of cost.

Moving to Stirling

Stirling is a city located in central Scotland, clustered around a large fortress and medieval old town. It is also Scotland’s heritage capital and where the Wars of Independence were fought and won. If you love history, you will revel in Stirling. Not only is there Stirling’s spectacular castle perched high above the city, the compact heritage mile that links Stirling’s Old Town with its busy city centre is resplendent in historic buildings. Beautifully preserved medieval and Renaissance churches and mansions cluster around the Old town, flanked by cobbled streets, period street furniture and Victorian styled ironwork.

Very popular in the historic centre, particularly on Princess Street, are the small period terraces and cottages. For those who have got a serious amount of money to spend on a property, the stately stone villas and semis of King’s Park are beautiful. The areas south and west of Birkhill Road have some nice Edwardian and Victorian properties all the way down to Bannockburn. To the north of the city centre there are some modern suburban areas, perfect for families, in Causewayhead. For cheaper properties, the Riverside quarter has rows of lovely stone Victorian bay-windowed terraces.

Britannia Edinburgh Removals can help you with your move to Stirling, call us today for more information or to get a quote.

Education in Stirling

In terms of primary schools, St Ninian’s is rated ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’ by HMIE and is the most sought after. Allan’s, Borestone and Braehead take the next two spots, all receiving ‘very good’ in their reports. At the bottom of the pack are Cornton and Raploch, but they are still receiving ‘good’ and ‘very good’ from HMIE.

Stirling High is a favourable secondary school, but the most popular is St Modan’s High (‘very good’ and ‘excellent’ from HMIE).

Further education is provided by Forth Valley College or the University of Stirling. The university is ranked among the top 60 universities in the world that are under 50 years old.

Stirling Transport Links

Stirling railway station serves both Glasgow and Edinburgh. Trains to Edinburgh run regularly and take just under an hour. There are twice hourly trains to Glasgow, taking anywhere between 32 to 43 minutes depending on the service.

Stirling is served by the M9 and A9. This allows the town to be extremely well connected by road; easily commutable to both Glasgow and Edinburgh – but be wary of rush hour traffic.

Glasgow Airport is under 40 minutes away from Stirling and has numerous flights nationally and to destinations in Europe. There are also flights to America, the Caribbean, Asia, Australia, the Middle East, and Africa.

Whether you are moving your business or your home in Stirling, Britannia Edinburgh is proud to offer a dedicated professional service at competitive rates. Contact us on or call 0131 528 6486. Alternatively, you can use the Get a Quote box at the top of this page for an idea of the cost.

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