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Business Relocation Removals

Corporate business removals require meticulous planning, and come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you need to relocate employees within the UK, overseas, need an office removal or if it is your company moving and you need to relocate, Britannia has all the solutions. We offer a wide range of business and corporate removal services to our clients that guarantees an excellent, easy to use service for the employee who is moving and the company that is moving them.

Office Removals & Employee Relocations

Britannia has over 30 years of experience in corporate removals, and with over 300 clients ranging from leading global brands to SMEs, we move thousands of employees every year.

With more than 40 UK offices and 600 employees, we can always provide an efficient business removal service tailored to a precise brief. Our specialist corporate removals team can handle any type or size of project, the relocation of employees and office removals. As we understand that finding a removal company that understands your business needs can be a frustrating experience, we have put together a comprehensive and helpful corporate moving package designed to take the hassle out of the moving process.

Relocation Management

Providing corporate removal services involves going a little bit further, requires attention to detail and taking the time to understand the client’s needs. Our corporate removal team, based at our head office in South London are committed to ensuring the best moving experience and are available to discuss any specific needs or concerns. We also assign a Move Manager to every client, who will provide a single point of contact, as well as regular reports, assistance and advice throughout the moving process. Britannia’s relocation management will ensure that your move goes as smoothly as possible.

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