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Self Storage

Do you need a safe place to store your belongings? Are you between houses or de-cluttering your home? Will you need regular access to your belongings? No matter what the reason is, Britannia offers cost-effective self storage services throughout the UK.

Self Storage Facilities Near You

  • Nationwide storage – With over 40 Britannia depots throughout the UK, you can choose a conveniently located self store warehouse either near you or near where you are moving to.
  • Self storage is a convenient way to store your items for which you need regular access. Arrive at our self-store units and you can be moving within minutes.
  • Flexible –  No pre-booking required and no long-term commitment. You can self store for just a few days if you need.
  • Easy access to storage units – You can easily access your belongings whenever you like and you will have your own room with your own key.
  • Deliver or Collect – You can deliver or collect your goods from our depots in your own car or van.
  • Wide range of self storage unit sizes – Our wide range of unit sizes means you can store as much or as little as you wish, and you will only have to pay for storage that you are using.
  • Competitive self storage rates – As one of the largest removal and storage companies in the UK, we can ensure low prices.

Self Storage Units

Self store unit sizes vary, starting at around 10 sq ft to 500 sq ft:

  • 10 sq ft which is about the size of a large storage cupboard
  • 50 sq ft storage rooms capable of storing the contents of a double garage
  • 100 sq ft storage rooms are big enough for the contents of a small house
  • 500 sq ft storage space can accommodate most requirements

Self Storage Access

You can generally access Britannia Self Storage units during the day Monday – Saturday. Some locations offer 24 hour self storage access.

When you request a free storage quote, we’ll let you know exactly what the self storage opening hours are in your area.

Britannia Self Store does not charge for access to the self storage spaces. All of our self store locations have extra wide access, which makes it easy for you to store most large household and office items. We have large storage trolleys and pallet trucks available free-of-charge to make moving into self store as quick and painless as possible.

Safe Storage Security

Every Britannia Self Store unit has state-of-the-art security:

  • All storage units are covered by CCTV.
  • All self-store buildings are alarmed.
  • Our storage units are clean, dry.
  • We take extra precautions against fire.
  • Comprehensive self-storage insurance is also available (just in case).


If you would like to rent a self storage unit, please call 0845 600 6661 or  contact your nearest office. Or you can request a free storage quote using the ‘Get a Storage Quote’ box at the top of this page.

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