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Prevent Fraud

Fraud Prevention at Britannia

At Britannia we are committed to ensuring the security of our clients’ personal details.

Internet fraud is a common form of crime where individuals seek to acquire people’s personal details or property by deceiving them.

Although it’s impossible to prevent individuals who commit fraud from illegally impersonating trusted companies and organisations on the Internet, often by stealing logos and images from public websites, there are steps that can be taken to minimise the chances of becoming victims of a scam.

By thoroughly checking the sender’s credentials and the nature of the messages, it is possible to detect the signs of fraudulent emails.

You can find out more information about protecting yourself against online fraud at the website here.

Britannia Movers suggests that in instances where customers suspect an online fraud is taking place you contact Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 to provide full details. You may also wish to contact Britannia Movers on 0208 256 1700.

Gumtree Scams

We have recently been made aware that Nigerian fraudsters are targeting Gumtree ad-posters with the promise of purchasing the offered goods in exchange for a nominal (usually £100) ‘pick up’ fee.

They often use stolen images and logos from established websites, such as Britannia Movers International and try to impersonate the trusted businesses in order to improve their chances of convincing unsuspecting Gumtree users.

As a business, we always recommend checking the validity of suspicious correspondence by calling our customer services number.

Visit the Gumtree Stay Safe page for more information about how to detect scam responses.

Motorcycle Purchase Scam

We have been made aware of a new scam affecting people looking to purchase a motorcycle from overseas. The motorcycle is normally being advertised for sale in a different country to where it is physically located, with the seller claiming that the motorbike was exported to their country, but that it’s still registered in the country they are selling it back to, in order to prevent them having to pay significant sums to register the motorbike in their country.

The fraudsters then say they use an international shipping company who act as a third party and will protect both the seller and the buyer in the transaction. These fraudsters have been copying images and logos from websites to create documentation impersonating Britannia to gain your money for a fake shipment for the purchase of a motorcycle. They ask for a percentage of the sale fee to be transferred into a Barclays PLC bank account for BRITANNIA MOVERS INTERNATIONAL LTD with Swift/BIC Code: BARCGB22.

As a business, we always recommend checking the validity of suspicious correspondence by calling our customer services on 0208 256 1700 or emailing our head office – before proceeding with any transactions.

Example of the documentation being sent out:

  • Containing mistakes e.g. referring to Britannia Movers International as a Ltd company, and having a champagne flute on the letterhead logo on the documentation.
  • Telephone numbers are incorrect
  • Reference numbers incorrect

To view a sample of the documentation, please click through to the attached PDF.

Example of fraudulent email

  • Email sent from a suspicious domain: ‘’
  • Asking to transfer funds to a foreign country: Nigeria
  • Containing mistakes, e.g. ‘£100.00 USD’
  • Not signed

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