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Environmental Policy

GREEN issues and concern for protecting the environment have recently become topics of worldwide interest and debate.  Each year there is more and more evidence that the level of pollution continues to grow thereby causing even greater damage to the environment on a global scale.  In the past, many companies both large and small have contributed to this growing tide of pollution often through lack of knowledge.

Britannia Movers Inter­national accepts that we have a social and moral responsibility to ensure we play our part in helping to clean up the environment.  We have taken the decision to become a more environmentally friendly organisation by ensuring that our operating practices and procedures minimise the pollution effects on the environment.

To help reduce the pollution from noxious fumes, heat and noise, our Members’ vehicle fleets will be regularly and properly serviced.  Whenever practical, Members will use diesel fuel vehicles as this type of engine is most fuel efficient, so helping reduce the level of fossil fuel burnt.  All other vehicles now use unleaded fuel and most have catalytic converters fitted to reduce even more of the harmful gases.  Furthermore, redundant operational fleet / capital equipment will be disposed of in a responsible manner.

All packing materials are now made from recyclable board and we encourage Members to arrange for the collection of all waste materials from their depots by one of the national companies who specialise in recycling paper products.  This has in no way reduced the quality of the materials we now use from those used previously.

A further sign of our commitment to help clean up the environment has been our change to recycled paper or to paper from mills that have a replacement tree policy.

These are just a few of the activities this Company is engaged upon to help reduce pollution and play our part in creating a cleaner and more environmentally friendly place for everyone to live in.

We shall communicate the above processes and policy to all Company staff and ensure that it is available to the public.

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