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8 Reasons Why You Should Consider Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is a liberating experience and has a lot of benefits for those considering it. The prospects of up and leaving your home country to go and venture into the world can be a scary thought, but the ...
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Be prepared for when the bad weather arrives

When the bad weather arrives, Britannia Sandersteads have the solution to clear the yard, access roads, and keep the wheels of industry moving.
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Euro 6 Truck Investments

Sandersteads are proud to announce the new 26 ton European Road Train - fully compliant for new London ULEZ Euro 6 requirements. Intermodal swap bodies with 4 wooden storage containers capacity on each, or lose loading capacity @ 1750 cubic ...
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Britannia Bradshaw Manchester reunite adventurer with his historic Royal Enfield

Writer, motorcyclist and adventurer Gordon G May was recently reunited with his historic 1952 Royal Enfield 500 Twin motorcycle following his latest epic journey. His latest journey saw him travel some 17000km from Nordkapp to south of Cape Town in ...
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Aico, Oswestry, Shropshire – Office relocation

In October of this year, we were contracted to relocate Aico a growing national company to their new landmark UK headquarters and distribution centre.
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Work placement for Marches Year 11

This summer we took on 3 willing students from Year 11 of Marches School in Oswestry under their work placement scheme. Max, Kian and Pablo worked alongside our staff and experienced the day to day upsand downs of a ...
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