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How to Move House Quickly

In a perfect world you have ample notice of your house move. This gives you a chance to book your removals company and secure any storage of other services you need. Everything is planned and ready for the big day. However, in the real world moving house can come out of the blue and this can feel very stressful.

With the need for last minute removals becoming a more common occurrence, understanding how to move house fast is becoming more important. Our guide below will help you understand everything you need to complete and check-off to ensure your short notice move goes without a hitch.

Tips for moving house quickly

Planning and preparation help moving house become a hassle-free experience. However, without time on your side, getting packed and into your new property can feel like a daunting task. People often forget that moving house isn’t just transporting items from A to B, there is so much more that goes on behind the scenes regarding paperwork, utilities and lifestyle changes such as children moving school. A valuable way to take away the stress of the move itself is to use an expert removals company. With Britannia Movers International you can rest assured that we will handle your move from beginning to end abiding by your timeframe, leaving you to get on with other tasks essential to your move.

How to pack a house fast

Packing really needs to start from the minute you find out about your move. It is incredible the number of things you can accumulate in your home. Keeping on top of and being ruthless with your packing as you go is going to really benefit you. Use your move as a chance to declutter or donate non-essential items to charity or family and friends.

Get all hands on deck or utilise Britannia’s packing service. Our professional teams are highly trained and able to pack even the most unusual, fragile, or heavy items easily. We have an incredible rage of packing materials and secure and label everything for ease when your possessions arrive at your new home.

Last minute moving and storage

Moving house quickly can mean you need a little extra space, particularly if you are downsizing or your new home isn’t ready yet. With Britannia Movers you can store your belongings safely with us, in one of over 40 UK storage warehouses nationwide. We offer a variety of different storage solutions and can easily tailor your move with us to include this.

Storage, whether short-term or long-term, can give you the breathing space to help your move house with ease and also assess what you own. You can choose a storage option that gives you regular access to your items or there are solutions in place for belongings you don’t need to get your hands on for a while.

Move house quickly

Unfortunately, there is no golden formula to a quick move. However, to help customers, Britannia has an in-depth set of moving house tips to help your move goes as smooth as possible. Here are some of the most useful points to consider adopting:

  • Pack and label items into each room, wherever possible keep things in drawers or original hangers
  • Start packing as to how you are planning to unpack.
  • Notify the relevant utility companies, landlord, family, council, school as soon as possible
  • Utilise storage facilities if you need extra space on a short or long-term agreement

Last minute removal companies

With over 40 branches nationwide in multiple locations within easy reach, a fleet of removal vehicles, fully trained and experienced removal teams, and an App for online surveys and to help you manage the process, Britannia Movers have the capability to help you with last minute removals.

To find out more how Britannia Movers can help you move quickly, please do not hesitate to contact us today. A member of the team will be able to guide you through the removal process and answer any question you may have regarding our supplementary services. Furthermore, it has never been easier to request a free removals quote online and get the moving process in motion.


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Helping you move fast and safely

Packing Services

Do you have fragile, valuable or bulky items that you’re worried about having to move yourself? Why not sit back and let our professional removal team do the work instead? Our highly trained removers will pack your goods professionally, so our packing service can help keep your household goods protected during your move. Hiring a packing service will also help move house quickly as our professional teams are quick and efficient, saving you time and effort.

home removals

Local Removals Branch

Britannia Movers International is the largest independent moving group in the UK with over 40 local removal offices nationwide, stretching from Aberdeen to Brighton. Such a large number of offices allows us to offer a wealth of local knowledge, but also liaise with other offices to offer both national and international expertise, you can easily find your nearest removals office . Of course, the Britannia teams not only take your belongings to your new home, but the local branches also offer a range of additional services.

Moving House Checklist

Check out our handy moving house checklist to help you prepare and to make sure you have remembered everything, which will also help your move be smooth, successful and quick.



How to move house quickly


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Please download our useful guides to help your move go smoothly

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