Britannia Movers is continuing to respect the advice provided by BAR and the Government regarding the coronavirus pandemic. We are posting regular updates when changes happen regarding lockdown and social distancing here, on how this affects removals and storage and our ability to deliver those services. The safety of our staff and customers is still the most important consideration, and we are continuing to work in the best way we can to deliver our services, whether that is by phone, video or another media that is appropriate.

While Covid-19 restrictions are in place we understand that this is an unusual time for all of us, so we’ve created this video on the change in our removal services, and compiled the following set of Frequently Asked Questions which (hopefully) address most customers’ concerns.

We have also developed a video survey app and an accompanying video, which you can watch below, to explain how to use the the remote video survey.

Q1 Is Britannia Movers operational again?
Answer – Yes, we are (hooray). Our depots in England have been operational since the UK Government’s announcements on the 12th May 2020. Scotland has announced that removals will be permitted to resume from Monday 29th June, while the Welsh Government is allowing moves under certain conditions to go ahead from Monday 22nd June. You can gain further clarification on this via this link: All moves and surveys are carried out with new measures in place to protect customers and staff while it remains necessary to do so.

Q2 What’s the best way to get in touch with Britannia Movers?
Answer – There are a variety of ways you can use to contact Britannia. Our website, national telephone line, local office number, email, Live Chat or Social Media all work for us. Whatever’s easiest for you. You can find out which local office covers the area that you live in, simply by putting your current post code into the form on this link:

Q3 How can I arrange to get a price for my move?
Answer – We would suggest arranging a survey with our local office. You can contact us through a variety of ways; telephone, email or fill out an enquiry form on our website. Given the current Covid-19 restrictions we are trying where possible to provide remote surveys either via our video survey app, or telephone. However, we appreciate this isn’t always possible and therefore we can supply on site surveys with certain careful measures in place. All the contact details are available throughout the website and as mentioned in the answer to Q2 above, you can find your local office’s contact details by using the nearest office link.

Q4 How will an on site survey work?  
Answer – our Surveyor will arrive at your property wearing suitable PPE. We suggest you have as few people within your property as possible and those that are there should remain at the correct social distance throughout the survey. If you have family on site, keeping them in an ‘isolation room’ or in the garden (weather permitting) will help. There should be no other contractors on site at the time. We ask that customers who will walking around the property and talking with the surveyor wear a facemask, while adopting the correct social distance. Once the survey is complete, you will not be asked to sign anything for hygiene reasons and your quote will follow either via email and/or post within the timeframe you’ve discussed with your surveyor.

Q5 What happens on moving day?  
Answer – Prior to moving day you should receive a notice from Britannia about the correct approach to moving day. We’ve adopted certain measures to protect customers and crew and ask that you adhere to these procedures closely. The crew will arrive dressed in PPE and introduce themselves. We ask that as few people are present in your property as possible and certainly only family members (unless you have a designated carer). Once the crew enter the property, please show them to a washroom that they can regularly wash their hands in. Our crews will be equipped with hand sanitiser, towels and wipes. They will also provide their own refreshments. Once the crew begin to pack and you have retreated to another room, the garden or the specified social distance, the crew will remove their facemasks. This is necessary to avoid breathing complications once lifting of heavy items begins up and down stairs and from the house to the removals vehicle. Once packing and loading is completed the goods will transported to your delivery property and the same process repeated.
watch our short video here on what to expect with our new procedures.

Q6 Can I have friends or family to help with my packing?
Answer – We ask that only inhabitants of the house are present on moving day and at all times that appropriate social distancing is maintained. If you have a carer, they may of course be present on moving day, but we will establish this during our pre-move survey.

Q7 Do I need a facemask for site surveys or my removal?
Answer – We suggest that all customers who will need to interact with the surveyor or crew wear a facemask. On moving day, once you are in another room or your garden and the correct distance from the crew you are at liberty to remove your mask.

Q8 Does the above apply if I’m moving overseas?
Answer – Yes, the above applies on all moves that begin and/or end within the UK. Rules for how your overseas portion of your move will differ depending on the country. During your pre-move survey your overseas destination will be discussed and any relevant measures for that country will be highlighted at the time, but also during follow up calls with your local Britannia office.


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