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Why Germany Is One Of The Top Countries To Work In Right Now

Why Germany Is One Of The Top Countries To Work In Right Now

 If you’re looking to further your career and aren’t opposed to moving abroad to do so, one of the countries you should consider is Germany.According to HSBC’s most recent report the top five countries for expat workers are, in fact, in Europe and the Middle East and sitting right at the top is Germany. 70% of foreign workers say their work-life balance improved once they’d moved there and 73% say they now feel they have better job security.Munich, Berlin, and Frankfurt ...Read more

2019’s Best Countries to Move to for Improved Health and Wellbeing

Let’s be honest, living and working in the UK can take its toll on a person! You are certainly not alone if you have considered moving to another country purely for improving your health, wellbeing and overall quality of life.There are of course many other countries where residents experience much of the same problems. So how can you choose a country where you are certain the move would only have positive impacts on your happiness and wellbeing?Thanks to the annual World ...Read more

Are there Less Risky European Countries to Move to Before Brexit?

With such continuous uncertainty surrounding Brexit, it has left many wanting to move to Europe in limbo and fearful to make any firm decisions.The situation does remain unclear and there are no guarantees Brexit will happen before 31st October 2019.What are individuals to do if they intend to move to a European country? Take a risk and hope it will all turn out OK? As the potential implications of such a choice are so significant, for many this is likely to ...Read more

Preparing to Live Like a Local in a New Country

Integrating into a new culture can be one of the more challenging aspects of living in a new country. Yet for many, a change of culture is precisely what motivated their move. A new life abroad can quite literally catapult you into a very different way of living, which often holds much appeal to those living in the throes of western society.Having moved to a new country, there will always be some people who prefer to create their own bubble of ...Read more

Must have Apps to Best Support Settling Expats

Moving overseas can present quite a minefield to overcome. Although the planning stage is intense, you can naturally expect some hurdles throughout the process, until you have settled into a new normality.One of the best preparations for your move abroad can be ensuring you are fully equipped to tackle the challenges that await you. These preparations can be both practical and mental aspects.Thanks to the world of technology, you can utilise the plethora of tools, designed specifically to aid expat transition ...Read more