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Top Reasons to Move to France

France is a popular destination with many British expats. The country’s proximity, culture, the warmer climate and the potentially more relaxed lifestyle attract many expats, whether they are moving for professional reasons, moving with their children or relocating for retirement. Here are some of our top reasons for relocating to France.

1. Quality of Life

France has ranked well on a number of quality of life surveys in recent years and offers good living standards if you are looking for a more relaxed lifestyle or are relocating with your family. The cost of living is lower and the climate is warmer than in the UK, especially if you move to southern France. There’s a rich and varied cultural scene not only in Paris but throughout France. Although France has also been hit by the economic crisis and unemployment levels are relatively high, if you manage to secure employment, you’re more likely to achieve a better work-life balance than in the UK.

2. Family-Friendly

If you are planning to relocate with your kids, you’ll be happy to know that France is considered to be a great place for raising children. According to the recent Expat Explorer survey, for example, France ranked number one for raising children. Expats usually find France to be more secure for raising children and parents also tend to get more support. You can also find many schools in France that are of excellent quality. The better work-life balance, lower childcare costs and the fact that expat children tend to integrate quite easily further ensure that France is a great choice if you are moving with your children.

3. Travelling in France

France has a variety of cultural and architectural wonders and beautiful landscapes to explore. If you like travelling and discovering new places in your spare time, France can be a great place. The diversity of destinations within France including the countryside villages, beaches, mountains and the larger cities will delight any traveller. If you are keener on exploring the culture and architecture, you can make a tour of France’s castles or enjoy the numerous museums and galleries in Paris.

4. French Food

French cuisine can boast variety and sophistication. If you are keen on exploring new flavours, you’ll be happy to know that French gastronomy is officially one of the best in the world and was added by UNESCO to its list of the world’s intangible cultural heritages in 2010. If you simply like enjoying good quality food and fresh produce, France is a great place. Your local bakery and food market will supply you with amazing food all year round and when you prefer to eat out, you will be able to choose from a great variety, from Michelin-starred restaurants to countryside pubs and family-owned cafes. French wine is also one of the best in the world.

5. French Culture

France’s unique and varied culture is among the most renowned in the Western world whether it comes to painting, music, architecture, cinema or fashion. If you like exploring new cultures, moving to France is a great choice. The country is full of historical monuments, including castles, cathedrals, statues and gardens and it will also take some time to fully explore France’s numerous galleries and museums. If you move to a larger city, like Paris or Marseille, you’ll certainly find something to do every night, whether you want to explore the jazz scene, listen to classical music, go to a theatre show or just spend some time in a stylish local bar.

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