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Welcome To Britannia’s New Blog

Welcome to Britannia's brand new travel blog! After spending 30 years helping individuals and families relocate around the world we've built up a fair amount of knowledge to do with travel and emigration. One of the main things we've learnt is that preparing to move abroad can be quite daunting, but finding information and tips from people who've been there and done it themselves can be extremely helpful and even reassuring.

With this in mind we decided to launch our own travel blog where we'll be sharing our tips and advice for moving and relocating to different countries all over the world. We'll be looking at specific countries and cities to share our knowledge of the best places to visit. We're also going to look at what you need to do before you go and when you first get to your new home. Information such as learning how the school system works in your new country as well as how to register with a doctor can help you prepare much better before you set off.

We really hope you enjoy reading our posts and find the information useful. If you've got a suggestion for a topic you'd like us to cover or you'd just like to leave some feedback then drop us a line in the comments section.