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4 Amazing Experiences in St Lucia

Anyone and everyone will go wild for the stunning beauty of St Lucia. It’s a beauty that is unmatched by anywhere else in the Caribbean. Nestled between Martinique and St Vincent, the teardrop-shaped island packs rainforest, beautiful beaches and gargantuan mountains into just 238 square miles.

Part of the quintessential Caribbean idyll, St Lucia creates a lasting first impression. The Piton Mountains, which are fringed by coral reefs and sandy shores rise majestically from the horizon. With temperatures kept just the right side of sizzling due to the cooling trade winds, there is a lot to enjoy on the pint-sized island.

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Enjoy the peace and warmth that sums up St Lucia by taking a scenic drive to the green forests, where you will be met by an expert forestry guide who will lead you on a nature walk, full of interesting facts and sights like no other. You’ll explore massive gommier trees and blue mahoe trees, various species of lichen as they intricately wind their way up large tree trunks, anthurim lilies, wild nutmeg and the seemingly endless species of flora and fauna. You’ll be sharing this wonderful experience with birds like the Mangrove Cuckoo and the Black Finch as you stroll through their enchanting sanctuary. Just look out for the thrilling sight of a Boa Constrictor relaxing on a tree trunk.

Aerial Tram and Zipline Canopy Tour

For those who are more adventurous you’ll want to try out the aerial tram and zipline canopy tour. Here you can discover the beauty of St Lucia in a different way with a unique combination tour. This starts with a guided aerial tram tour over the rainforests canopy before moving onto the thrill of 10 zip lines flying through the forest from platform to platform, enjoying breath-taking views as the wind rushes past your face. This will be followed by a canopy gondola ride and a scenic forest hike, that will leave you with unbeatable memories.

Gaze Upon the Pitons

View the pitons, volcanic spokes of rock rising 1,500 metres out of the sea, transformed by the sun’s changing rays, and now covered with emerald, sage and olive vines that attempt to climb its giddy heights. They look even more spectacular at night when the sky is lit in indigo with the twin peaks cutting a silhouette in front of it. This is the most photographed area of St Lucia and should not be missed by anyone travelling through the area.

Get That Friday Feeling

In St Lucia, Friday rather than Saturday, is the big night for parties. This is not a night for relaxing after a tough working week but one to let your hair down. This Friday attitude has led to the northern village of Gros gaining legendary status for its parties. There, DJ sound systems set themselves up outside the restaurants as they try to outdo each other with rhythm, sound and massive beats. Going on until the earlier hours of the morning, it was originally intended for the locals, but tourists are more than welcome to join in.