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5 Good Reasons To Move To Sweden

Here are five of the best reason we can think of for why you may just want to think about moving to Sweden, officially one of Europe's best places to live.

1. Sweden Can Boast The Best Benefits In The World

For a start, it is mandatory for all workers to receive five weeks of paid vacation, which can be raised if you are older or work for the government.

Parents get a total of 480 parental days for each child they have. This is very popular as it grants parents the right to be able to bond with their children effectively – which has helped Sweden earn the title of one of the best places in the world to grow up. For most of those days parents can earn up to 80% of a salary.

Sweden doesn’t stop there; you are also entitled to cheap daycare, unlimited sick days and free health care. With that in mind, do you really need to read the rest of the reasons?

2. One With Nature

Sweden is a very large country, being the third largest in Western Europe. With a low population density it is a land filled with woods, mountains and lakes, giving you plenty of space to enjoy the outdoors at your own leisure. If like many others you enjoy kayaking, the Bohuslan coast is a great place to go. If you prefer to experience history on your days off there are plenty of cycling paths passing prehistoric sites, lakes and picturesque churches. Hikers will enjoy the short one day trails or can take it up a notch for routes that cover hundreds of kilometres. If you are interested in taking multi-day hikes you will also find this especially hassle-free as it is legal to camp anywhere in Sweden (even within the city) meaning that you don’t have to worry about getting to a specific camp site by night fall, you can lay your head wherever the hike takes you.

Adding to this, the summer in Sweden is fantastic with long days of sunshine. Even if you work until 5pm you will still get a good 5 hours of sun, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the activities mentioned above.

3. The Public Transport

With many subways, buses and trams connecting every part of the country together at all times of day Sweden can safely say that it has a very good public transport system. This marks it out as different from a vast amount of other cities in Europe where it can be essential to own a car; in Sweden this is not as important. An obvious benefit of this is that it greatly cuts down on the cost of running a car, another great benefit of moving to Sweden.

4. Interesting Culture and A Home For The Family

Sweden has a rich heritage that spans across hundreds of years. Although you may have just missed out on their busy Christmas holiday season they are also well know for their Midsummer celebrations. During this time people take time off work and come together as a huge family. Unlike living in a place like the US where family gatherings are quick and short lived, here they are a time to last and be enjoyed.

5. Sweden Has A Wonderful Social System

Living in Sweden will mean that you get to benefit from its great social system. If you plan on studying at university or a vocational school there is no cost at all, benefiting those who want to advance. Students even receive a grant while they study, talk about getting a helping hand. Anyone who newly moves to Sweden will receive free lessons in Swedish.

Sweden has a low rate of homelessness; when people find that they have fallen into financial struggles the Swedish social system does well in supporting them through these matters.

An additional note: if you are already a part of the European Union you can very easily move from one European country to another, limiting the hassle of moving. Flexibility is open to the whole of Sweden, so why not take a chance?