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Moving Abroad With Pets – What You Need To Know

As a nation, us Brits love our pets, almost as much as we love cups of tea and Coronation Street. So it will come as no surprise that when a lot of us move abroad we often take our pets with us. Moving animals to other countries is much harder than it is to move people to other parts of the world though. First you have to get them there, then usually you have to put your animals through quarantine when you arrive and once that's done you have to make sure they settle as best as possible.

At Britannia we've helped plenty of families move abroad with their pets. Following our advice in this blog post should help you avoid the most common mistakes that a lot of people make.

1. Determine whether or not where you moving is suitable for your animals

Before you even decide whether or not to take your animals with you you need to decide if the place you're moving to is suitable for them or not. You need to consider the climate, the accommodation where you'll be staying and facilities for animal care in your new country.
It might sound bizarre, but it's important to see if there are any unusual local perceptions of your pet in the place you're going to be living in. For example in some countries around the world there are negative connotations towards black cats.

2. Plan well in advance

Most countries have strict rules and requirements for animals that are brought into their country. Often you will need to provide details of  medical exams and blood tests. All of this takes time so you must plan in advance.
It's really important to plan ahead so you get all of these procedures completed with enough time to spare before you leave. For example if you want to move to Japan the authorities ask for 180 days to pass after the blood tests have been completed before you can bring your cat or dog into the country. If 180 days have not passed your animal will have to stay in quarantine for the remainder of the 180 days.

3. Speak with a vet

Whilst you're planning your trip make sure you speak with an experienced vet. Most vets will have helped other people with the process so they'll be able to give you advice to make sure you follow the correct procedures.

4. Budget for your animal

Taking animals on planes is not cheap. So make sure you budget enough extra funds to cover the veterinary costs as well as the transportation and handling costs once you arrive.
Moving abroad can be a tough process and having the familiarity of your pet with you can certainly make things easier. But before you decide whether or not to take them with you, you must really really think whether it can work or not. If you are looking for pet transport services, Britannia can help you. We have partnered with PetAirUK, a professional and friendly pet transport service.
If you've moved abroad with an animal before let us know about your experiences by leaving a comment below.