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The Top Five Things to First Do When You Arrive in…New York City!

Each month on the Britannia blog we’re going to bring you our guide of the top five things to do when you first arrive in a new city. This month we’re looking at New York.

The Big Apple is one of the most diverse and cosmopolitan cities in the world. There’s so much to do and see that when you first arrive it can be difficult to know what to do first. Apart from all the important things you need to do like organising somewhere to live, your job, bank accounts etc., here are our top five recommendations for immersing yourself in New York City’s culture. Remember that’s the reason you wanted to move here all along, right?

1. See the New York City Skyline

New York City’s skyline is the skyline that all other city skylines are judged by. The iconic silhouette of the city’s skyscrapers is one of the many sites that makes New York stand out from any other city anywhere in the world.

New York has over 100 buildings that are 500 feet or taller. Although you can view the amazing skyline from anywhere in the city, Brooklyn Heights Promenade is certainly one of the best vantage points where you can see the whole of Manhattan.

2. Cross the Brooklyn Bridge

To get to Brooklyn Heights Promenade you will first need to cross the Brooklyn Bridge. But crossing the bridge is worth doing on it’s own. The iconic steel bridge is famous all around the world. It’s been featured in a dozen of films and is a marvelous work of engineering in its own right.

3. Shop!

When you first arrive in the Big Apple, with the intention of staying for quite some time, you’re bound to need some new clothes. New York is the shopping capital of the world and there are stores and malls which will appeal to every taste.

If you’re into designer gear then Manhattan’s designer flagship outlets and boutiques will suit you perfectly. But if your tastes are a bit more quirky then the smaller stores in the East Village and Williamsburg will probably be more your thing.

4. Watch New York’s Famous Sports Teams

New York is the proud home to some of the biggest sports teams in the world. The New York Mets, the Yankees and Giants are all based in the city along with many others. To fit in in NYC you’ll need have a favourite sports team, so go and see a few games and pick your team. You may get accused of being a plastic fan but at least you’ll be able to join in with all the banter.

5. Visit Broadway

New York’s theatre district, Broadway, is famous around the world. On any given night you can find A-listers, amazing acts and tonnes of pizza all rubbing shoulders together (well hopefully not the pizza!) When you first get to New York, seeing a show on Broadway is a definite must.