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Five Reasons You Should Move to Spain

Spain is a popular country chosen by a lot of expats as their new home. The warmth of the country’s people, the sun and the wide variety of unique dishes are just a few things that make it a place to enjoy a great lifestyle. In this blog post, we’ll share with you the top 5 reasons why you should consider moving to Spain.


1. Outdoor Lifestyle

Spanish people are known all over the world for the special attention they pay to the visitors and foreigners living in their country. They are a passionate people always prepared to dedicate a smile to you. The streets are always alive and people are used to spending time outdoors and enjoying a relaxing drink at one of the terrace cafes, whether it’s in Barcelona, Madrid or the countryside. If you decide to move to Spain, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of outdoors activities whether you are living on the beach or in the centre of Madrid.

2. Weather

Studies show that the weather often determines the character of the people living in a country and in the case of Spain, this is very true. We can find places in the south where the sun is present 365 days a year. Besides, there are a large number of other climates in the country. That is why in the same time of the year you can choose to enjoy the snow in the mountains or the sun on one of the numerous beaches along the coast. 

3. Culture

Spain has a number of stunning UNESCO World Heritage Sites. You can visit La Alhambra if you are in Granada, El Escorial if you are in Madrid, the Mudejar architecture if you are in Aragon or El parque Nacional de Doñana if you are in Andalucia. Of course, if you are living in Andalucia, you can also enjoy the sound of the Spanish guitar and the art of the Flamenco.

4. Food

Spain’s Mediterranean diet is known all around the world but that’s not all when it comes to Spanish cuisine. Spain is a varied country in all respects. You can enjoy Mediterranean food whenever you go to Spain, but you can also enjoy the special dishes of each region, such as the piquillo peppers filled with cod or tuna in the Basque country, Madrid’s typical chickpea stew or the variety of seafood in Andalucia. The paella and the gazpacho are two of the preferred dishes by people from outside Spain and the combination of a good red wine accompanied by serrano ham and quality cheese is something that defines the essence of Spain.

5. Celebrations

Spanish people know how to have fun and the large number of celebrations underline this, with a wide range of local and regional festive periods. During July, San Fermin in Pamplona receives thousands of people each year. Las Fallas in Valencia is another well-known event with the fire and the firecrackers as protagonists during a week in March. If you are in Sevilla during April, you can dance flamenco in La Feria de Abril.

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