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A Guide on Shipping Your Belongings Abroad

There are many contributing factors and reasons as to why you might choose to emigrate to a different country. Maybe you have found yourself emigrating overseas in search of better job prospects, or are saying bon voyage to the UK in order to be with a loved one or you could just simply be looking to lead a simple way of life under the sun.

If you have ever moved home within the UK you will know that it is not a simple process and the trials and tribulations that go alongside an international move only complicate the process further. Its not something that can be done hastily and you’ll need to think about a range of things beforehand to ensure a smooth transition. Unless you are planning on completely starting again in your new location and replacing all your old furniture with new, shipping your belongings to your new home is an absolute must.

Being part of the largest global alliance of independent quality international removals companies, Britannia offers only the finest removal service to destinations worldwide and our extensive wealth of experience built up from providing international removals to thousands of families and individuals worldwide puts us in a great position to inform you on how to properly ship your belongings overseas.

If you are pondering the idea of going it alone and completely writing off using the knowledge and resources of a removals company, we would strongly advise you to re-think! There is a lot to be said for bringing in the professionals on a lengthy job like this. They will be there to provide not only the packing, shipping and removals part of it but also to offer support and advice throughout the whole process, which is a definite blessing when you’re trying to remember one hundred and one things at once and all within a tight deadline!

Removals companies not only save you the laborious job of packing your lifes contents into boxes but by having them onside it also means that you wont have to deal with any of the tedious paperwork associated with customs. The last thing you need on top of a seemingly endless list of to-do’s is a stack of customs paperwork to deal with!

Before you get too deep into the moving process it is a good idea to have a sit down and chat with someone from a removals company in order for them to do a survey that will be specifically tailored to you and your individual removal needs. For example, here at Britannia one of our surveyors will visit you at your home to assess the quantity of goods to be transported, the specific packing requirements necessary for these items and also to discuss details such as shipping, delivery and storage options available. This is a great chance for you to ask any questions about things you may be unsure about. As professionals in the business we are here to help on all aspects of a move including schedules, transport at unusual items, insurance, pet transportation and anything else move related.

TIP: The more items you ship abroad the more it will cost so before the move is a good time to have a bit of a clear out. You dont want to part company with any family heirlooms but you will be grateful for any less items to transport. Do you really need those stacks of old magazines? What about all those bits collecting dust in the cupboard? This is a great time to overcome your inner hoarder and throw some things away.

There are several options available to you when you choose to move your belongings on a long distance journey overseas, these include:

  • Air Freight: designed to give you a swift, but more expensive solution to moving your household items over large distances when moving abroad.
  • Groupage: If you are finding it difficult to fill up a whole shipping container then a great economical way is to share with someone else. You can share space with others who are going the same direction to save you money.
  • Full Shipping Container: You fill up the shipping container with your household contents at your home, it is then sealed and loaded and taken on a direct route to your new country of choice!

When moving abroad, it is a good idea to utilise all the help you can from your removals company if you’re hiring one, this includes packing! Remember that your container is going to be packed by crane onto a ship so to avoid any damage get the professionals to pack your items, they know how to do it best!

TIP: Whilst you are packing your belongings or aiding the removals team in the process, label all the boxes and create corresponding lists ( they could even be colour coded if you’re feeling fancy!). Not only will this give you peace of mind that everything has arrived safe and sound, but it will also make the whole unpacking process a load easier as you will know where to find each and every item you own!

If you haven’t made the choice to transport your belongings by Air Freight, then your belongings will be taking a lengthy journey across the sea all the way to your new home. At Britannia we provide high quality watertight metal containers in a variety of sizes and we will advise you on what size you should specifically have when we complete our survey. Your shipment will usually take 1-3 months to arrive at its destination and details of the arrive will be outlined in your Britannia paperwork.

We strongly advise that our customers take out some sort of insurance, as would all reputable removals companies, just in case. While Britannia is able to provide comprehensive cover for all our moves, you may want to make alternative arrangements. Liaising with your home insurance company is one option and you might be adequately covered but do check, it will vary from home to home!