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4 Reasons To Move To New Zealand

New Zealand is an island country situated east of Australia across the Tasman Sea. If you are thinking of moving to an English-speaking country, moving to New Zealand could be a great choice, as it combines UK cultural influences with its own unique and exciting culture, society and lifestyle.


1. Low Unemployment and Low Taxes

If you want to find employment after moving to New Zealand, are relocating your investment or plan to look for new investment opportunities once in the country, New Zealand can be a great choice. The country has a well-developed market economy and relatively low unemployment rates. Although the country's economy has been affected by the recent financial crisis, it is doing well compared to most European countries. There is currently a demand for skilled workers in the construction, education, agriculture, engineering and finance sectors. Compared to the UK, New Zealand also has a more favourable tax rate, with the top marginal rate at 33% and a rate of 17.5% for the average earner. Inheritance tax was abolished in New Zealand in 1992.

2. Multiculturalism and Openness

If you enjoy living in a vibrant and multicultural community, moving to New Zealand would be a great choice. The country's culture combines English, Irish, Scottish, American and Australian influences with Asian and traditional Maori culture. Over 65% of New Zealand's population identifies ethnically as European and over 14% as Maori. The majority of New Zealand's population lives in urban areas, including the cosmopolitan Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. With such  a wide range of ethnicities living in one country, New Zealanders are generally open, tolerant and friendly with new immigrants.

3. Landscape & Climate

New Zealand boasts one of the most stunning landscapes in the world. With a varied topography, consisting of a long coastline, rugged mountains, spectacular fjords, volcanoes, beautiful lakes and winding rivers, you will never get bored of the country's landscape. The climate is mild with relatively small variations between winter and summer temperatures. There are also areas that have snowfall in the winter so you can go skiing or snowboarding surrounded by the country's beautiful scenery.

4. Quality of Life & Lifestyle

New Zealand offers a great quality of life to British expats moving there. The country ranks high on the Human Development Index, with good life expectancy and a high standard of living. Quality of life is excellent, with affordable housing, good transportation infrastructure, high-quality education and affordable food prices. Thanks to the generally mild climate and the stunning landscape, outdoors activities and sports are popular, including hiking, cricket, soccer, skiing and mountaineering. New Zealand is also one of the most peaceful countries in the world, with very low crime levels.
Whether you are relocating with your family and are looking for stable employment and a high quality of life, you are an expat looking for new adventures or are planning to move to New Zealand to retire, you are very likely to find whatever you are looking for in this exciting and vibrant country.
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