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City Of The Month: Rome

For January’s City of The Month we have chosen the gorgeous Italian capital city of Rome. Known as a hugely romantic city for couples we are sure you don’t need any extra reasons to visit or even to move to Italy, but here are a few from us anyway.

One of the most appealing aspects of Rome is its rich history, the city is filled with famous landmarks, the Colosseum and Roman forum are both very popular sites. Those with an interest in ancient cultures, European history and events will find themselves truly in their element here.

Another main reason to pack your bags is the culture. Rome is home to the Sistine Chapel and Vatican City, as well as some of the finest art in all of Europe. The city is home to famous artwork from Michaelangelo, Caravaggio, Bernini as well as many other artists famous from the Renaissance and Baroque periods.

Rome benefits from being in an easy to reach location in Europe, which coupled with the history and culture mentioned above, gives it a thriving tourism industry. Its location has the added benefit of its climate. The weather in Italy can hit temperatures as high as 30°c in the months of July and August, giving you a gorgeously hot summer. Winter months still boast a modest 12-13°c, so if you want to escape the harsh UK winters this is a great place to live.

One of the highlights of living in an Italian city, and probably the thing we should have mentioned first in this article, is the food. Italian’s have a hearty appetite that is filled with only the best and freshest of produce, making simply yet unbeatable dishes. With many markets offering in season produce you will find yourself surrounded by other food lovers that share your enthusiasm to find the best produce available.

Friendly and welcoming locals will make the transition from a foreigner to a resident an easy one. The atmosphere in Rome is lively yet relaxed, giving you a great chance to settle in without getting bored. It is common for locals to be able to speak some English but do not let that stop you learning the language as it will help you fit in quicker and may give you greater job opportunities.

Entertainment can be found in a number of forms in Rome, the Roman Auditorium being one of the most popular. Constructed in 1995 and set in beautiful parkland, it gives everyone the opportunity to enjoy wonderful concerts surrounded by gorgeous natural landscapes.

Going back to food again, it is not typical for Italians to eat before 9pm and this creates a bustling nightlife that you would be a fool to miss. The city is filled with plenty of vibrant clubs, bars that are family friendly or for those looking for a quiet drink, offering something for everyone. You will not be lost for somewhere to go to unwind after a hard days work.

Of course reasons to move to Rome would not be complete until we mentioned the shopping. The city is filled with famous shops and boutiques that offer a wealth of choice for all different tastes and needs. With everything you could want from markets to dedicated shopping streets. Once you’ve shopped until you need to sit down you can sit with a fine Italian coffee and gaze at your wonderful new home.