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Top 5 European Capitals for Expats

If you are looking for new business or professional opportunities, a better quality of life or simply new adventures, but don’t want to move far away, moving to Europe could be the perfect decision. Europe is home to many cities and capitals with diverse cultures, developed economy, and huge professional opportunities.

Over the years, Britannia has been all over Europe helping people move into the major cities. Here’s our list of favourites for 2011:

1. Berlin

A European centre of culture, media, and science, the city of tolerance, openness and creativity, Berlin is a perfect location for those looking for a different lifestyle and new adventures. The influx of creatives from all over the world in the last two decades since the fall of the Berlin Wall, a multicultural society, and its human scale make the German capital a desired location for many young expats these days. Rents are relatively cheap, public transport is excellent, and there is an abundance of public spaces, cafes, galleries and museums.

Berlin is not just one of the trendiest and most culturally exciting cities in Europe. The city is home to a number of international companies, and while employment is not that easy to find if you don’t speak German, there are a host of business opportunities you can take advantage of.

2. Copenhagen

Often overlooked in the past, Copenhagen has become one of the most exciting European cities in recent years. Copenhagen usually makes one of the top spots in lists of the ‘a better quality of life’. The Danish capital is a centre of culture, design, architecture and innovation, not only in Scandinavia but in Europe as well. A relatively small capital, Copenhagen can boast a diverse cultural life, many cafes, some of the best restaurants in the world, as well as excellent public transport.

If you are looking for an alternative lifestyle, Copenhagen is regarded as one of the most environmentally friendly and bicycle-friendly cities in the world. Copenhagen is also one of the business and economic centres in Europe, and is home to a large number of international companies. Although living costs can be high, you can certainly find business and employment opportunities, especially as the country has not been hit that hard by the economic recession. Whether you are looking for an better quality of life, new opportunities, or a cosmopolitan location, Copenhagen can be your perfect destination.

3. Madrid

Madrid is a city that combines historic neighbourhoods and streets with a modern, lively and culturally exciting atmosphere. Although other capitals like Rome or Paris tend to have more appeal for tourists, Madrid can boast beautiful architecture, an amazing nightlife with clubs and bars open until late on every street, and some of the most exciting museums in Europe.

It is a beautiful and busy capital, but on a human scale, with the stunning Retiro Park and other green spaces in the heart of the city. Although Spain has been hit hard by the world-wide recession, there are still employment opportunities for skilled workers.

4. Helsinki

Spread across peninsulas and a number of islands, Helsinki, the capital of Finland is a truly stylish and modern city. In spite of the rather cold climate in the winter, Helsinki is certainly a very liveable city with impressive Art Nouveau architecture, stylish cafes and restaurants, as well as an abundance of green spaces.

Finland has a strong global economy with its main centre in Helsinki, with technology, manufacturing, and trade being important sectors, so finding employment opportunities is certainly possible. Whether you are looking for a relaxed, trendy, and slightly remote capital, new opportunities in a strong economy, or a better quality of life with higher salaries, Helsinki is an ideal location.

5. Budapest

Often regarded as the most liveable capital in Central and Eastern Europe, and as one of the most idyllic cities in Europe, Budapest combines historic charm, stunning architecture, and a stylish and trendy cultural life. Located on the banks of the Danube, Budapest can boast an extensive World Heritage Site with a host of stunning historic buildings, and the world’s largest thermal cave system. In recent years, Budapest has also emerged as one of Central Europe’s trendiest capitals, with a lively nightlife, stylish cafes, affordable living costs, and a dynamic cultural scene.

Budapest is also  an excellent destination if you are looking for business or professional opportunities, as the city is a major financial hub in Central Europe, with a large number of international firms based there. Although wages are certainly lower than in Western Europe, life is more affordable, and if you are looking for an exciting lifestyle, Budapest’s atmosphere, and culture won’t leave you disappointed.

What are some of your favourite European cities? Share your views in the comments or send us an email.