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Spending Your Christmas Abroad

Here are some of our favourite places for spending those cold European winter months in a sunnier climate. If you’re an expat you will already know the benefits of spending your Christmas or the winter season away from home, but whether you’re interested in a sunny winter holiday or simply thinking of moving abroad and wanting to know what the Christmas there will be like, we’re sure these suggestions will warm you up just thinking about them.

Christmas In Spain

Madeira is a beautiful island that is perfect for the winter months. It is only a five hour flight away, with a rugged landscape making it wonderful for enjoying nature, or perfect for simply enjoying the sunshine as you relax.
Also five hours away you will find Tenerife or Lanzarote in the Canary Islands. Offering all year round sunshine you will never have to worry about the weather there and will find superb beaches and amazing wildlife excursions.
If you are looking for something a little more remote but no further away you can try a smaller Canary Island, such as La Palma (which has direct flights from the UK).

The Caribbean In Winter

Soft sandy beaches and lush scenery are ripe in the Caribbean where you can relax in the quiet charm of Grenada, or head to the more celebrity-populated area of Barbados, both of which will provide a wonderful and idealistic antidote to a cold winter.
For the chance to both relax and be a little more adventurous, you could take a car and drive yourself to Cuba, but it is advised to avoid the peak season of Christmas and New Year as prices will greatly rise.

Tropical Islands

We feel the perfect antidote to the winter blues can be a trip to the gorgeous beaches, stunning hotels and first class service that are offered by the Maldives and the Seychelles. You could even visit the sensational island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean.
The Cape Verde Islands are just off the West Coast of Africa offering great value for your stay, and only 6 hours away from the UK. Boasting six islands all with different scenery you will be spoilt for choice, from the cultural heart of São Vicente to the volcanic Fogo.

Adventure Holiday

If you’re simply interested in going on holiday, Kenya and Botswana are excellent places to visit for a safari, offering affordable prices and a great range of activities from walking safaris to horse riding, making for a different and exciting winter trip. If you are feeling a little more adventurous you could try climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.
If you want to tour ancient sights or go on a stunning tiger safari India is also a great option, a country where it is easy to find temperatures of 25 degrees celsius.