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Have a Weird and Wonderful Christmas in Australia

Celebrate Christmas a little differently by spending it in Australia, baking in the summer heat that only the Southern hemisphere can offer at this time of year. It is not uncommon for Australians and the expats who live there to celebrate in temperatures well into thirty degrees celsius (near 100 degrees fahrenheit). 
In fact the weather is so hot that many Australians go Christmas shopping in shorts and t-shirts with Santa arriving on the beach upon a surfboard. It's no wonder so many people choose to move to Australia from Britain.

Traditional Christmas Food in Australia

The traditional meal barely differs from that enjoyed over here. Consisting of a turkey dinner, with ham and pork, followed up with a flaming christmas pudding. In the Australian gold rushes the puddings would often contain a golden nugget. Today, instead a small favour is baked inside, the lucky guest who finds it knows they will enjoy good luck for the year to come. They also enjoy a good mince pie as many do over here.
Where they do differ, some would rather have a barbeque for their Christmas dinner as Christmas coincides with their summer holiday. Many will also rather drink champagne instead of eggnog, and eat pavlova rather than plum pudding. With the heat there is no sign of snow or log fires in the country.

Australian Christmas Traditions

Many Australians, and even more tourists are known to take to the beaches on Christmas day to enjoy their dinner at midday, Bondi Beach especially attracts thousands of people each year. A large amount who do not take to the beaches will instead celebrate by having a picnic. Those who are left staying at home will typically enjoy the day swimming in the pool, playing a game of cricket, or general outdoor sports that are harder to enjoy at this time of year for those in Europe.
Australia’s brilliantly warm weather allows the population to take part in a tradition that was started in 1937, called Carols by Candlelight, which is held every year on Christmas Eve. Tens of thousands of people, nearly all of whom are holding candles, gather in the city of Melbourne to sing their favourite Christmas songs. The high number of candles creates a gorgeous atmosphere in the clear sky above. Sydney and other cities enjoy carols in the weeks leading up to Christmas.
You will see lots of Christmas Bush during the festive season in Australia, a native plant which blooms little red flowered leaves. It’s a favourite of Australians, who adorn their houses with the stuff over Christmas.
Here’s a little clip of a beach Christmas.