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Spending The Winter In France

Many people visit France in the summer, thanks to the continental climate of Central France or the mediterranean feel of the South, as well as the allure of its ski slopes and the sight of Paris covered in snow. It's easy to understand why so many expats choose to move abroad to France when you see just what's on offer in France in the winter time.

1. Winter Sports

With some of the largest ski slopes in the world France can offer something for everyone, from experienced skiers to younger children learning for the first time. Offering a family-oriented atmosphere the resorts are all well connected by transport links. All resorts have English speaking instructors who are trained to work with children as young as three, as well as blind or disabled people.
You can also try sports with a difference. Many resorts now offer the chance to experience snowshoeing, skidooing, tobogganing and skating, as well as cross-country skiing and ski jeering, where you are pulled along by horses across the snow.

2. Paris In The Frost

Paris seems to take on a different characteristic in the winter. Walking along the river Seine looking up at the grand buildings in the crisp winter chill has a magical feel about it. With the summer tourists gone the city feels as though it belongs to you. The christmas tree covered in its gold ornaments at Galeries Lafayette is not to be missed. The Christmas lights lit up along the Champs-Elysees are known as some of the most beautiful in the world. Of course Disneyland Paris put on a spectacular seasonal show every year thats draws in families from all over the world. And, France has some of the finest Christmas markets in Europe…

3. France’s Christmas Markets

The Christmas markets fill the air with a beautiful scent while they gloriously light up the city, giving one of the best feelings of Christmas. Filling the streets with sounds of the Christmas season, this is the place to find gifts that cannot be found anywhere else, often coming from local producers. Many of these markets have skating rinks attached to them and carousels to keep children entertained. 
Christmas markets can be found all over France but the best known are those of Lille and Strasbourg. 

4. Winter Food 

French food in the winter takes on a heart warming and earthy feel. And what could be more earthy than the famous black truffle. It's easy enough for you to go on a truffle hunt for yourself or simply buy them in places such as Var where weekly Friday truffle markets begin in November and run through until March. Mushrooms are sold in all forms on the market stalls and appear on countless menus. November festivals bring the best harvests to the coastal towns with delicious fresh salmon and divine chocolates.

5. Treat Yourself To A Spa Day

The cold months of the year are the best times to book yourself into a spa, as its the time when spas offer package deals offering you the best value for money experience. Try a famous French spa town like Vichy, which is famous all around the world for their thermal hot waters with public access in towns like Pombieres-les-Bains. If a town’s name ends in “Les-Bains” in France it is more than likely there will be hot waters running there.