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How to overcome the language barrier when moving to a new country

Moving to a new country can offer a whole range of new opportunities, in terms of career, education, and the overall quality of your life. As well as the opportunities that moving abroad brings it also delivers a number of challenges and often language is the biggest challenge to overcome.

Language is absolutely integral to human life. We use it to build relationships, complete everyday transactions and make a living. A language barrier when living abroad can make you feel isolated and more difficult for you to settle.

It’s important to try and learn as much of the country’s language before you move, so you can quickly settle into your new life. Investing in private lessons or online courses can help you pick up the basics.

The best way to pick up the language when you arrive in your new country is to immerse yourself in the culture as much as possible. Although this can seem daunting getting involved in regular activities as soon as you arrive will help you pick up the language much quicker.

Try to find a good mix of friends to spend time with, and join in with your new community as much as possible. Engage with community events, ask the neighbours for dinner and a glass of wine, and consider doing some volunteer work. If you do everything you can to engage with the locals then they will be much more understanding if you do struggle to communicate at times, because they will see that you’re doing your absolute best to make an effort and contribute to the community. And who knows, they may even offer to give you some lessons!