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Canada Makes It Easy For Expats

Canada has introduced a permanent residency scheme from January 2nd, which has the intention of speeding up the entry process for thousands of foreign skilled tradespeople. As Canada’s booming industry is in need of skilled workers the hope is that they will attract many expats who can step right into a position and get to work.

The scheme is initially aimed at tradespeople who have at least two years’ experience in a registered trade, such as electricians, welders, pipefitters and those capable of handling heavy duty equipment, along with others.

These sorts of tradespeople are desperately needed in Canada in the oil, gas and construction industries that have seen a boost thanks to high commodity prices and a resilient domestic economy.

Canadian immigration minister Jason Kenney has stated “[Canada is] desperately crying out for skilled tradespeople to help them fuel their expansion, their growth and economic prosperity.”

During 2013 it has been calculated that around 3,000 people could be accepted into the country through this newly introduced scheme, which is known as the Federal Skilled Trades Program, and there have been further expectations for this number to increase in the coming years as more people are made aware of its existence.

Although having two years’ experience is not the only requirement for those looking to move out to Canada. Applicants must also have a job offer in Canada or a certificate from a province which proves that they are qualified to work in the country.

The scheme has been introduced due to a report that was released towards the end of last year from the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, which has brought to light that nearly a third of Canadian businesses are facing a serious shortage of skilled labourers to help with the expanding businesses in the country. This lack is now double the proportion of that recorded in 2010.

With little emphasis being placed on retraining or on-the-job training for tradespeople in the country the easiest way for businesses to get the skills they need is to employ foreign workers. Which has in turn created tensions in the country with arguments that Canadians should be first in line for jobs that become available in the country.

The Petroleum Human Resources Council has predicted that Canada’s oil and gas industry will need to fill at least 9,500 jobs by 2015. If you feel that you would fit the requirements needed for a job in Canada why not take a look at some of our quotes on removals?