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What Costs to Expect When Moving Overseas

Choosing to move abroad is a big decision; when considering moving abroad a number of factors need to be taken into account. One of the major factors which you should examine when moving overseas is the cost. A number of the typical costs of emigrating are covered in this article. Some may seem obvious, but many are commonly overlooked.

The most basic cost of moving is that of transporting yourself, your family and your possessions. This can vary a lot depending on how much you plan to take with you, and the type of transport you choose. It can be more economical to purchase larger items when you arrive rather than pay for transport and storage until you find somewhere to live. Other costs which everyone should consider include accommodation and car rental upon arrival; you will need to allow for this for a couple of weeks at a minimum, whilst you find your new home and vehicle (unless you are fortunate enough that this has been arranged by your employer). With your travel costs, you should also include the cost of passports, visas and insurance, both for yourself and any possessions you are shipping.

Other, less obvious, costs of moving abroad include health checks (required for certain visas), cost of living differences and initial living expenses. Health checks and police checks are commonly required for visa applications, and can add a considerable amount to the cost you may have budgeted for your visa application. It is worth bearing in mind that your initial application may be rejected and so you will need to pay to re-apply. You may have looked into the cost of living in your intended destination and found it to be lower, however you will also need to look into how this compares with typical salaries and how the exchange rate may affect the cost of living when you arrive. Initial living expenses can be extensive dependent on your circumstances, for example if you are moving abroad without having secured a job first you will need to allow a sufficient budget to allow time for job hunting as well as until you receive your first payment. This may also need to include money for a rental deposit for your new home and essential furnishings.

Moving abroad is an exciting experience. Budgeting successfully for it will help to make it run more smoothly, and be even more enjoyable.