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Top Reasons Why Expats Move Abroad

The number of Britons considering a move abroad has increased significantly over the last few years. There are various reasons why you may consider a move abroad, including employment and lifestyle differences in the destination country. In this post, we have collected some of the top reasons why expats leave their homeland to begin a new life abroad.


1. Better Employment and Investment Opportunities

Moving abroad to find better employment or investment prospects is high on the list of reasons why expats relocate. Whether it’s a promotion with your current employer or a new start, employment opportunities can certainly look better abroad than in the UK, especially when the economy is in recession. If you don’t have a new job secured before moving abroad, it is important to make sure that you have the right qualifications and the skills that will make you employable in your destination country. 
Those who are looking for new investment opportunities can also benefit greatly from moving abroad. Despite the economic recession, new investment hotspots crop up frequently, as has happened in the Dubai property market, and those investors who can recognise the best opportunities early enough can potentially reap great rewards from relocating.

2. Cost of living

A lower cost of living in the destination country than in the UK, where living costs seem to be rising ever more rapidly than wages, is a crucial consideration for many Britons moving abroad. Many countries, even in Europe offer lower living costs when it comes to housing, transportation and food than the UK, such as France, Spain or Germany. Where living costs are lower, however, wages also often tend to be lower, and you should always be aware of this when comparing two countries. If you have large savings or are planning to retire in the country, this will probably not be of great concern unless there are large exchange rate fluctuations, however, it can pose unexpected problems if you are earning your salary in your destination country. For more information on cost of living, read our previous posts, Top Low Cost Expat Destinations and Expat Considerations – Cost of Living.

3. Improved Lifestyle

Most importantly, expats expect their new country to offer a new, better life to them in some way. This can come in the form of better employment opportunities and living standards, and a variety of other factors, including weather, culture, education or the scenery. Many Britons would prefer living in Spain’s or Southern France’s much sunnier climate, in one of the beautiful historic towns, or next to the beach. Others are attracted by the culture, art scene, museums and cafes of many continental European countries. 

4. Retirement

Moving abroad for retirement is an attractive option for many Brits. If you have the financial means, have a destination in mind that you have visited before and researched thoroughly, and you think you can adjust to a new life abroad without most of your family and friends around, emigration after you retire could be a great option. It is, however, essential to remain realistic about your expectations. To find out more about retiring abroad, read our article, Retiring Abroad – Expat Considerations.

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