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The Health Benefits of Living in a Warm Climate

Moving abroad from the UK can provide plenty of lifestyle benefits but one of the main attractions for many British expats are the health benefits of living in a sunnier and warmer climate. As well as simply being more enjoyable there is increasing evidence that moving to a warmer climate can have a positive impact on your health.

Such an effect has been known about since Professor F. Ellis of Yale University found that deaths in the United States were 13% higher in winter than the summer during the 1950s.

A better climate can lead to a healthier lifestyle in a number of ways. Firstly, more exposure to the sun increases your Vitamin D levels. These contribute to cancer prevention, help provide higher energy levels and make your bones become stronger. What’s more, the simple act of being outside tends to shield those living in warmer climates from viruses, which find it harder to survive in warmer temperatures. Being away from cold weather can also help prevent circulatory problems that typically affect older people in colder climates.

The psychological benefits of living in a warmer climate should not be underestimated. A recent study by the University of Michigan recently found that pleasant weather improves mood and memory. This was almost entirely down to the increased ability that those living in such climates have to live and work outside.

Many of the physical benefits of living in a warmer climate stem from the ability you have to do more outdoor activities. During the British winter going cycling or running after work can seem like a real chore because of the harsh weather conditions. However, in Spain or Portugal, playing sport after work can often be a welcome break in the day as the temperature cools down.

Of course, you can always get too much of a good thing. If you are not used to living in a warm climate, remember to limit your exposure to the sun in the first few weeks, use plenty of sun-cream, and keep yourself well hydrated. Moving to a sunnier climate could be one the best decisions you could ever make!

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