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Where in the World Should you Live?

When you experience a yearning to move overseas, one of the first questions likely to crop up is what country should I live in?! Often, UK citizens automatically consider Europe as their first choice, simply due to the ease of remaining close enough to family members. However, with the recent turmoil and confusion surrounding Brexit, it’s becoming a choice filled with uncertainty and understandably, wannabe expats are feeling forced to reconsider where to live in the world, outside of Europe.

Let’s be honest, with so many incredible countries in the world, it’s not exactly easy to know where to begin and its common to feel hesitant when you may have not even visited a potential country before. However, don’t let your dream of moving abroad dwindle. Trust your instincts and drive to explore and broaden your world!

Some of the basic areas to consider include; safety, quality of life, job opportunities, weather and social life. Many countries offer far more than you might think and with a few compromises, such as longer flights, your dream can still come to fruition. Though it’s always advisable to visit a country before making any firm decisions, this way you can really get a sense of how it might feel to live in your chosen destination.

Research gathered over the past year, from various sources suggests that these countries should be top of your list when considering which country, you should move to. Here’s why they were chosen…


A small archipelago, located in the Persian Gulf, Bahrain is a commercial and cultural hub with much to offer expats. 48 percent of the population is made up of Bahraini nationals, with the remaining being expats from all over the world.

According to a survey conducted last year by expat community InterNations, Bahrain was ranked as the most desirable country for expats to move to. According to InterNations founder and co-CEO Malte Zeeck, in recent years, Bahrain has made improvements to their immigration system, making it far easier for expats to move and settle in the country.

Expats surveyed said it was the friendly local residents and their welcoming demeanour that made them feel instantly at home.  Furthermore, 41 percent of expats surveyed said they earnt more money in Bahrain that in their home country. Expats expressed that this is an ideal location to work and raise a family.

Costa Rica

Lush with rainforests and rich with wildlife, located in Central America, Costa Rica is known for its vast expanse of biodiverse protected jungle and stunning beaches.

In last year’s InterNations expat survey, Costa Rica was ranked in second place as a result of scoring highly in 3 out of the 5 areas: Quality of Life, Ease of Settling in and Family Life. Expats expressed their ease at making friends with the locals and feeling part of them community. The lifestyle and environment are considered so highly that 48 percent of those surveyed said they could see themselves staying forever!

One respondent commented “Costa Rica offers the freedom to live a peaceful, happy life, surrounded by peaceful, kind and happy people”. What more could you want…


As a country, Mexico packs a punch – its big, bold and geographically diverse. With serene beaches, majestic mountains, lush forests and a wonderful mix of old and contemporary lifestyles, it has much to offer expats.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that in the same expat insider survey, Mexico ranked third place overall and particularly in these areas: Personal Finance, Cost of Living and Ease of Settling In.

Although the country may not rank as highly when it comes to quality of life, mainly brought down by the lower standards of healthcare and safety, it’s clear this one factor doesn’t hold enough weight to compromise the other great benefits of living in this vibrant nation with the perfect climate.

Of those surveyed, 74 percent said they were generally satisfied with their financial situation. Furthermore, retirement visas are granted liberally, making it an ideal destination to settle into retirement.


Singapore frequently hits the high spots on surveys of places to live and work, scoring highly in factors such as job security, safety and social life.

English is widely spoken, making it especially easy to integrate quickly and seek employment, a challenge often found by many expats when relocating.

This vibrant metropolis boasts clean streets, flowing traffic, low crime and abundant social opportunities. Job opportunities are a magnet for foreign talent, with so many large corporates operating in the city, although new laws now require employers to seek local talent two weeks before offering jobs paying under $8,760 a month.