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What are the Best Ways to Pack when Moving?

Whether you’re moving within the UK or moving abroad, the thought of packing everything you own into a collection of cardboard shipping boxes can be daunting. While Britannia offers a professional packing service, doing it yourself needn’t be a headache with a little organisation.

Plan Ahead

Well before moving day looms on the horizon, why not have a clear out? After all, there’s no point in packing things you don’t want or need, and you certainly won’t want them cluttering up the new house! You could even sell some old books, toys or furniture and put the money towards decorating your new home.

At this stage, it’s also a good idea to check that your home insurance will cover you should any breakages occur during the move.

Get Organised

As the big day approaches, start saving old newspapers for wrapping breakable items and any boxes you can pick up from local supermarkets. Packing materials can be ordered from Britannia if you wish, and you’ll need a variety of different sized shipping boxes, including some made of strong, corrugated cardboard for heavier items. Assess your belongings room by room to get a rough idea of how many boxes you will need. Bubble wrap is useful for protecting fragile items, and you’ll need some parcel tape for making up flat-packed boxes. Wardrobe boxes are worth considering – they enable you to transport your clothes on their hangers, saving a lot of time.

Start Packing Early

Break your task down into manageable portions. Pack a box or two each day in the weeks leading up to your move, taking care to start with things you won’t need before you arrive.

How to pack

Line boxes with newspaper or a layer of bubble wrap. Heavier items should be packed first, with lighter ones on top. Wrap breakables carefully, and drape pillowcases and blankets over objects to protect them from being scratched. Prevent overloading by mixing heavier and lighter objects in each box. Keep everything destined for the same room together, and mark each box with the name of the room.

What not to Pack

Think about what you will need on your first night in your new home. Make sure that everyone has an overnight bag with them, as well as bed linen and toiletries, snacks and tea making supplies. Official documents, passports, jewellery etc should be kept with you. You’ll want all these things in your car, not in the removal van!

Hopefully, with these tips and a little bit of planning, your move should be as hassle free as possible!